Friday, October 14, 2005

They Lie...and You Don't Care...Making You Complicit

For background, see yesterday's post.

In short, Bush held an "unscripted conversation" with a hand-picked group of 9 American soldiers and one Iraqi soldier in Tikrit yesterday.

Scott McClellan told the press corps yesterday before the event that it would be unscripted and unrehearsed. Anyone watching would have known that was bull. But you didn't have to have two brain cells to rub together, because the satellite feed caught the soldiers rehearsing their answers and being coached on how to answer BEFORE the unscripted conversation started.

You can get to a link to that video here: Staged Bush Military Photo Op Caught By Reporters: The Nose Grows? by Joe Gandelman

The plain fact of the matter is, They Lie.

They Lie by force of habit.

They Lie to us and They Lie to themselves....and because they believe their own lies, they can't understand why the rest of us don't believe them too.

They are not connected to reality.

They can not be trusted.

They are holding us hostage.

We need to break free.

But we won't. Because doing so would mean admitting responsibility for helping to allow it to happen. Indeed, for celebrating it happening while it was happening. The only repudiation that will erase the crimes of this Administration is the kind Bush himself repudiation. The kind that happened in Berlin in 1945. That's what rhetoric like "total victory" leads to.

Today, in reviewing the story...which is a BIG story...on CNN, that bastion of the Liberal Media Elite...actually commented that it is very sad that the media is focused on the fact that They Lied to us about the event being unscripted, that the event was staged, instead of focusing on the message of hope we were being given by these brave soldiers.

Excuse me, but if the event was staged and a lie....uh, maybe the message is also a lie?

Rush Limbaugh, yesterday, was still screaming that the Republicans are not going to forget the Democrats use of forged documents concerning Bush's avoiding his service in the Air Guard during war time.

Too bad he ignores that there has never been one shred of evidence that the allegations in the forged documents were false....or that if you want to weigh forged documents against forged documents--the ones Bush used to take us to war are far more important in terms of what should cause national outrage. Did Dan Rather's forged documents cost $300 billion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives? Of course not. Clearly, to a conservative, the cost of criticizing the President is greater than the cost of any number of dollars or lives.

What is the greater crime? The corruption, cronyism, abuse of power, erosion of civil liberties, militarisim, and routine deception of this administration or the tacit support, praise, and encouragement given this administration by the people of this country?

Their lies are believed because we want to believe them. Feel we can't afford not to believe them. Because to examine them and take responsiblity for them means accepting a measure of the blame and we don't do that. Or if we don't believe them, we are afraid to take a stand and expose them. Ask Joe Wilson what happens to people who attempt to expose a lie. Ask Judith Miller. Ask the Helen Thomas and the rest of the Press Corps.

Despite everything we now know to be fact...that there were no weapons of mass destruction, there was no connection between Iraq and 9-11...the President has told us even knowing what he knows now (assuming he didn't know it then) he would have done the same things. In spite of the facts of the invasion, in spite of the revelations of Abu Ghraib and Guantanemo...In spite of the clear mistakes and misrepresentations in the conduct of the war and the faulty intelligence used to justify it....The President kept his job, Rumsfeld kept his job, Rice was promoted to Secretary of State, Alberto Gonzales (who justified torture) became Attorney General, Wolfowitz became head of the World Bank, Cambone (one of the ones most directly responsible for treatment of prisoners) is still giving Rumsfeld advice, and George Tenet was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

I think of Beckett....and look ahead with grave the day when that quote from End Game rings true for America.

"You cried for night. It comes. It falls. Now cry in darkness."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really now? Because we all know how honest the democrats are. Shall I list them?
Ted Kennedy(the murderer that got away)
John Kerry(talk about scripted speeches.We all heard about his plan which he said about 50 times but actually never revealed what his plan was)
Sandy Berger-Don't even get me started.Got away with stealing documents while on parole for DWI
Bill Clinton-Whoer in the Whitehouse
Whitewater-Yeah now there's something we can bank on.
Hillary-The attorney for the Black Panthers.

A real honest bunc if you want to start nit-picking.
VET-Oh hi again by the way.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Archie Levine said... usual, instead of adressing the concern raised in a post, you point a finger back at unrelated democrats.

Or are you saying that because some Democrats have lied, that I shouldn't care when Republicans lie? Not a convincing argument.

You're a vet, dude. And you care more about Bill Clinton lying to cover up consensual sex between two adults which was only revealed to the American public because of an illegally recorded private conversation for political reasons than that George Bush knowing used forged documents and dubious intelligence to convince the American Public that Saddam was going to use a nuclear weapon on an American city if we didn't invade and take his nation by force? How many men, women, and children have to die for George Bush before that matters more to you than Bill Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval office?

Are you admitting that Bush is using deception and manipulative propaganda and you just don't give a damn? Because that is the title of my post, so I guess your comment is an agreement that I'm correct. And you are proud of your complicity in these acts.

In which case, I hope you will be willing to take your share of the responsibility.

Ted Kennedy did not murder anyone.
Of course John Kerry scripted his speeches...that's why they are called "speeches." If Bush had said, "Today I'm going to give a speech and listen to prepared answers by some troops I've had chosen to represent the fighting forces in Iraq," that would have been fine. To have the Press Secretary tell us it will be an unscripted conversation where the troops can ask anything they want and they won't be coached on their answers and then to give us the exact opposite is...dishonest. And a dishonest event designed to make America support a war that in large numbers do not.

And as to White Water...that was an investigation of Hillary, we spent millions and millions of dollars investigating it and never found anything but a stain on a blue dress which was wholly unrelated.

Face it, if Ken Starr couldn't hang anything but that dress on the Clinton's, which came about because of illegal wire tapping, there wasn't anything to find.

Stop looking at Clinton and grinding your axes, people, do a little objective analysis of your boy in the White House.

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im just trying to raise a point here that the democrats are so hell-bent on bringing down Bush that you continually use all your time trying to find things to pick on and to tell you the truth it's really starting to show Bush is the only motivation the Democrats have.
Between the media and the newspapers being on the same side all I can say is thank God for talk radio that people are finally starting to see the other side of the story instead of what is being force fed to us.
More and more people are starting to see through the BS. There has become a very huge following on the right. And to tell you the truth it is really quite refreshing. But we can't all have the accuracies that F9/11 had which was also another attempt to feed the American public more lies.
John Kerry to me was nothing more than a anti-war activist that used his "War Hero" status to woo.

11:32 AM  
Blogger R said...

Vet, last I checked they take away voting rights from crazy people. And you have got some serious "Agent orange" problems, or some shell shock or something man. Cause I can name ten well decorated ...WELL DECORATED, HIGHLY PLACED, LIMPING FOR THEIR COUNTRY vets who will tell you to wake up and smell the sonofabitch that is in office.
Only crazy people support killing soldiers for a lie.
For using elected office to help thier buddies get kick backs and jobs, and basically LOOT OUR COUNTRY.
So please. Go get some help. Your only making an asshole of yourself. And last I checked 48% of THE REPUBLICANS AGREED WITH ME.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess we just disagree. Maybe you too are only listening to the forced fed media that buy the way is also hell-bent on bringing down Bush and I am sure if Al Gore or John Kerry went to Iraq which 80% of congress agreed on,he would be the Big Liberator of Iraq and you would hear all the good things that are going on there. Oh by the way we still have soldiers stationed in Kosovo. Did someone mention exit strategy?

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's something you more than likely choose to ignore. Haliburton was the company used to rebuild in Yugoslavia.
Why you say? Maybe just better at it.

2:28 PM  
Blogger R said...

Yes Vet...and what is the death toll in Kosovo? (playing jeapordy theme song) Go ahead...tell me. What is it? Jackass.
And THE HELL do we know if Haliburton is the best for the job?! No one else got a chance.
And yes, the same media that reported the Monica Lewinsky scandle ad nauseum is the same I watch. How come "the media" are liars when it is bad for your side? The media didn't put us in a war. The media didn't make up lies about WMD's. The media doesn't script George Bush to say things like "more better." Why do you think it is important to a man who had the best education money can buy from private schools to ivy league, a man who is a fourth generation Ivy Leaguer, politician and millionaire to say things like "more better". Could it be because it important for him to speak the language of the dumbasses (Such as yourself) that he is trying to sell this crap to?
Hey...and just a little off topic..I've got this great ocean front property in Nebraska I'm selling. Interested? Now don't believe all that crap about Nebraska being an inland state. I'm looking at prime ocean views from my house in Omaha. Come on and make me an offer.
You people will believe anyone as long as that person affirms your own shoddy education, and flannel wearing stupidty. Do us a favor. Throw yourself in front of a car before the next election. We can't afford another fake war.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone needs a Xanax!Damn woman,you need to check out som oter views besides your ow. Let me tell you I didn't like what they did to Clinton either in the media and I didn't like what he did.
You remember Clinton also the one who said Saddam was a threat?The one who sent 400 cruise missles into Baghdad. Remember that. Why the hell did he even bother?

3:16 PM  
Blogger R said...

peyYeah, and he knew when to get the hell out. He didn't start a war with piss poor planning, unsecured borders, killing millions of people we are supposedly trying to SAVE. We've just about killed as many people as Sadam ever did, and we are STILL killing them. Sadam didn't have the high tech weapons to kill his own people that we are using. So yeah, Clinton went, people lived. Clinton lied..but no one died. And yes, I do need a Xanax. Wake me up when the madness is over.
P.S. Looks like you are in the fools minority good German!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

Here's what I don't get...even Rush Limbaugh said last week that there has been a revolution in the media and the liberal press no longer has a stranglehold on the delivery of information.

You might want to check the marching orders and stop using the talking points from last month, Vet. I listen to Talk Radio too.

How come any liberal is a threat if you control the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, if talk radio is so powerful, and everyone agrees with you?

Face it, in spite of your anti-victim rhetoric you Republicans can't handle being in power and can't stand to lose your victim status. Where would you be without the evil democrats to blame for everything? You people have been in control of damned near everything for almost six years and you're still blaming us and the terrorists for everything that goes wrong.

Is it a blame Bush mentality that causes us to criticize Bush's mistakes or Bush's mistakes which inspire criticism?

I'd have a look at these sites, Vet:

Neither of which is partisan. Both of which make it clear that there are mistakes being made with severe consequences for all Americans.

You people are always saying "what about Kosovo?" Not ever democrat was in lock step unquestioning support of that action. Me for one.

You people are always saying Clinton did nothing to conuter terrorism in office. You also criticize anyone who criticizes a sitting president as treasonous. You forget how everytime Clinton did take action you accused him of wagging the dog to avoid a scandal you created through illegal means. You forget at a time of "war" you were more focused on a sex act than an act of war.

You forget that voting for war powers, which not everyone supported on the left, was not voting in favor of invasion or war iteself, but only giving heft to the threat to exhaust all means short of war before using that "last possible option." Bush abused the congress by misstating the threat in order to get that support.

I'm not saying I want Democrat lies. I'm saying I don't want any lies. But if I have to weigh one lie against another, I guess I'd rather have a president lie to me about whether or not he cheated on his wife than whether or not another nation is about to use a nuclear weapon on an American city.

I also wish that a moralistic neoconservative block of voters and politicians who claim to be Christians would actually read a few things Christ said, in particular read Romans Chapter 12, and tell me how your politics are inspired by your literal acceptance of the bible as a guiding set of principles.

Because I don't believe it.

Any more than I believe Bush....Even he, in his bumbling idiotic way tried to tell you that being fooled once is the fault of the lier and being fooled the second, third, fourth, fifth time and more is the fault of the person willing to believe the lies.

You. Vet. It is YOUR fault. You know he's lying, you don't even deny he's lying, and yet you don't care. So, I blame you more than I blame him...and so does he.

He's already said as much.

He laughs at you.

I'm sure he does. Has any president in history snickered and openly laughed as much as Bush does when he gives a speech or press conference? Who do you think he's laughing at?

It is you. He's not laughing with you, he's laughing at you.

What is it the Bible says in Galatians 4:16?

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"

6:49 AM  

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