Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Blame Game isn't Spin the Bottle

I wonder if Rush Limbaugh ever gets scared of the Ditto Heads.

If I were him, I would be scared to death and losing sleep wondering what I had wrought with my daily barrage of hate disguised as a reaction to the supposed hatred of the anti-American Bush bashing liberals who are the greatest enemy he thinks has ever confronted this great nation.

I concede that there were grave failures at the city and state levels of government in Louisiana. I admit that the Mayor should have used the school and city busses to enforce the evacuation plan before the hurricane hit and that the Governor should have declared a disaster as early as the President did. I recognize that it is the Governor and not the President who mobilized the National Guard (unless they are being sent to Iraq).

None of that diminishes the blame that George W. Bush bears in the wake of this disaster. I don't see how, even if he himself is heading the investigation into mistakes, he will emerge blameless.

How about a push for a Constitutional amendment limiting the amount of time a sitting President can spend on vacation? That would do more to protect this country than re-writing it to keep fags from legal declarations of monogomy or to keep someone from putting a match to a flag.

When I'm pointing the finger of blame...and yes, I'm playing that Blame Game nobody says it is time for...I don't point it at Bush. I point it at every single person who voted for him. He's just doing what you told him you wanted him to do, which was more of what he did last time....My God, people! Didn't you think he did enough damage in four years? You had to give him four more? (Assuming, of course, you believe the election results were not manipulated, which I actually don't, but that's a whole other argument. The Ditto Heads think he won fair and square.)

Bush should not be a martyr for your sins. I don't want him crucified and see you get off the hook that easily. You proud Red Staters should be held accountable for putting Bush back in office even though if you had bothered to get your news from anywhere but FOX and Rush Limbaugh, you'd know there was a staggering amount of evidence that doing so was about the stupidest thing you could do.

If you have a W sticker on your Hummer, I BLAME YOU. If you still have your Bush/Cheney sign in your front lawn, I BLAME YOU.

Perhaps most of all, I blame RUSH LIMBAUGH, the GODFATHER, because he's the guy who has the most power when it comes to making these idiots feel like they are doing the right thing in supporting this President. When he says that the blame for this disaster lies in the Democrats who fostered an entitlement mentality which made the poverty of New Orleans possible, I BLAME RUSH, and I know I'm right in doing so.

When a Ditto Head like I heard today calls up to complain how the disaster victims "hit the jackpot" and are going to wind up with better homes and lives than they had before the disaster because the Republicans are too cowardly to stand up to the liberal Democrat agenda...I BLAME RUSH.

He created, cared for, and nurtured monsters like that caller. I could hear hesitation in his voice...but he supported her position. When when she said that she had recently lost her job at a courthouse because she used her first amendment right to speak out against Democrats and was fired, he sympathized. When she wanted to know where her $2000 debit card was, he agreed she deserved it as much as the diaster victims....which is to say that he doesn't think anyone deserves government help.

Rush couldn't call this paragon of virtue to task for her heartlessness in the face of such an overwhelming tragedy. He had to find a way to make her point sound reasonable or his drooling mob of followers might turn on him.

So he fueled this woman's hatred by telling her about the "designer clothes" that were soon to be given to the victims, asking her how she felt about these people being handed designer clothes but never mentioning that all of these clothes were illegal knock-offs that were seized by customs officials and would be destroyed if not distributed to the victims of this disaster who have now become homeless and who have been wearing the same clothes they were wearing when the hurricane hit for over a week.

No, that would be calling into question the wisdom of blind reactionary hatred of anything the government does to help the poor.

Then the pompous ass went on to point out to the caller that the 9-11 victims were given, on average, more than a million dollars each as a payout for their suffering. He warned that had set a precedent and we'd better keep our hands on our wallets when these people from New Orleans come with their hands out to the government.

Break for commercial, so the masses of Ditto Heads can nurse their hatred, clutch their wallets, and dream of shooting looters.

Yes, Rush. I blame you and everyone like you. Talk Radio hosts who have made a very nice living spewing propaganda and reaping a harvest of the most heartless, mean spirited, greedy, and vindictive citizens this nation has ever known.


It's quite an America you're helping to build. Wonder if anyone will be able to stand living in it when you're done.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. He is such a horrible human being. And it's unconscionable what he does.

Don't worry, you'll hear it again. Don't forget. This country hates the poor. They hate that they exist, they hate when they are confronted with their existence - and this pretty much puts poverty quite literally on the front page of every single paper in the country.

We'll see what we're made of. And it will make us sick.

The leaders of the civil rights movement came under the most fire...literally...when they started talking about poverty in addition to race.

11:59 AM  
Blogger R said...

When I was in Junior high (now known as "middle school") they made us watch those horrid movies about the Nazi's (Oh, here we go...not the Nazi's!!) making lamp shades out of the skin of slaughtered Jews. I always marveled that the majority of the germans supported Hitler (and THERE he is..where is the oh so tired comparison. Come on where is it?) I wondered if I would have been a "good german". Then I shrugged my lil shoulders and thought, "I don't have to worry about stuff like that. I'm American, and everyone knows we are smarter than the krauts!"
So now I know two things. I am not a "follower" and we aren't all that damned smart. And we didn't teach our children much with those films. Johnny Republican must have been throwing spit balls during it.

2:22 PM  
Blogger frstlymil said...

Great post. Unfortunately, as long as there are Americans holding on with an iron fist their perceived right and duty to hate that which is different from them, or believes differently, or, God forbid, makes them feel guilty in any way (i.e. the poor) - we have no real America. And I hesitate to call these people, like the horrible monster that said "they hit the jackpot", Americans. They're not.

7:55 AM  

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