Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bankruptcy and Eminent-Domain after Katrina

While I was mowing my lawn I started wondering two things...

First, whether eminent-domain might be invoked in New Orleans in order to rebuild it as the most secure and modern seaport/refining center in the world or would it be returned to the people who lived there so they can try to go back to living the way they lived when they lived there.

Second, I thought about how fortunate it is for all the credit card companies that none of the Katrina victims are going to be able to meet the filing date to beat the tougher new bankruptcy laws those credit card companies lobbied so hard to pass.

If I were Bush, which thank Heaven I am not, I'd push through emergency legislation allowing an extension of one year for all victims of Hurricane Katrina for bankruptcy filing. You know, the way he did when Schaivo was at risk of natural demise. That kind of can-do action on behalf of the living who are unable to speak for or defend themselves. Like that.

I might also, given the hubbub over the forced evacuations now taking place, assure the American People and the citizens of New Orleans that when we sent in the troops to protect their property from looters, we had no intention of keeping it in the best interests of the public good.

But, Bush is Bush, and though they might have voted for him, ain't hardly anybody hurt by this disaster who is a part of his base. And he's said it're either with him or against him.

You gotta ask yourself, though, is he with you?


Blogger R said...

Right after the storm...the night after in fact...I had this dream. In it the national guard peeled off the roof to an old school building and there on the top floor were a group of people sitting in chairs that were arranged in a circle. They were all dead. They died from dehydration and starvation. In the middle of the room was a letter. I don't know what the letter said but it ended the Bush Presidency. Now I hope that part DOES NOT happen, because my soul can't handle anymore outrage. The second part of it was that a new President was elected and the first order of business was to change the bankruptcy laws to what they were before. I have no idea why I would dream about THAT. What say you dream interpreter?

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much. After the failures of the first responders,the government stepped up and is painstakingly taking care of not 1000 but a couple of hundred thousand(a great demand of itself)I don't think it would have been any differently if Kerry were in. But then you would hear"Oh what a great job they are considering what they are up against. I know it,you know it and so does everyone else know.Just afraid to admit it.
VET(that's Army Vet to you)

12:33 PM  

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