Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holy Crap! Theocrats Win, Democrats Lose!

When you think about all the money Bush is clearing for the hurricane victims, be careful before you heap equal amounts of praise on him.

Part of that spending is going to include setting up a School Voucher Program for families of the victims to use to send their evacuaee kids to private schools instead of public schools, and to reimburse Faith Based Organizations for the expenses they have incurred in providing assistance to the victims of the disaster.

I'm not opposed to religious organizations helping people, that is why we provide for tax deductible contributions to be made to them. That is why we call it CHARITABLE GIVING, not a LOAN.

And who are the religious organizations who are going to be asking for this reimbursement?

Doesn't the very fact of asking for reimbursement run counter to the mission and organizational charter of a charitable organization under the law?

Isn't the single biggest complaint of Conservatives against Liberals that Liberals are always feeling entitled to a handout?

They are going to make it nearly impossible for poor people to declare bankruptcy but they're going to hand over our tax money to churches who have only done what we donated to them so they would be able to do?


How about reimbursing the donors instead of the churches? It would as much sense.

But, maybe this is just in advance of having all (approved) faith based organizations actually becoming part of the government. Then we can designate our contributions to them on the revised tax forms under some new tax system, with a perfect record of faith based demographics.

Don't forget, if the government wants to keep tabs on what our kids are learning in public schools and are able to exert influence on what that scholastic content is due to the fact that tax payers are paying for it, they will probably soon be wanting to monitor what the kids learn in private schools and churches too. They will be entitled to if they are paying the bill with vouchers and reimbursements.

"You're teaching what? Not on the federal payroll, you're not!"

Slippery slope, sir, slippery slope. Some of those restrictions on who gets taxpayer dollars might have been put there for a reason.

Pardon me for misunderstanding, Mr. President, but I thought the increasing reliance of the Government on FAITH BASED ORGANIZATIONS was so that the AMERICAN TAX PAYER would get some relief from so many people who need help thinking they can rely on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for aid.

How about the public schools who are going to go deeper into the red providing more classrooms, teachers, facilities, and text books? Will they be reimbursed as quickly as the churches? Or, instead, will you increase the burden on them by giving out vouchers to send those victims to private schools?

The answer is obvious. Exploit Katrina and Rita as a means to run a test program of your voucher system and at the same time help put another nail in the coffin of public education. Everybody wins, right? Well, everybody but your opposition, but they're not really Americans anyway. They are the America Haters. They are the ones giving aid and comfort to the enemy and thus are, in fact, the enemy.

Nothing wrong with this country a one party system couldn't fix, right George?

Gotta hand it to them...The Bush Administration is still working hard to prove John Kerry was right when he called them the biggest bunch of crooks and liars you ever saw.

Can't pass legislation because of pesky things like the Constitution and the American Public?

Well, who cares? None of that matters when you can exploit a disaster to get what you want.

That was one of the biggest lessons the GOP learned from September 11th. Now we're living in a Post September 11th world and a post Katrina world. There has been nothing so beneficial to this administration as the disasters which have occurred under its watch.

What really angers me is the way this Administration is so hell bent on incorporating religious organizations and religious doctrine into a secular government which is supposed to represent all the people. The way we are combating a radical fundamentalist Muslim agenda with an equally radical and fundamentalist Christian agenda at home.

I'm reading Hersh's book, Chain of Command : The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib right now, and one of the things that has struck me is how much the current administration's approach to intelligence data relates to their belief in the merit of "Intelligent Design" and opposition to the scientific method. If it doesn't fit their agenda, the data is discounted. If it supports it in any way, they embrace it, even if it means turning a blind eye to the fact that it is at best highly questionable and at worst fraudulent. And they don't care how many people die as a result. Just remember that it is this kind of mindset they want to promote with their voucher system and support of faith based initiatives.

They want to use the tax dollars of every American to help create more Americans who think the way they do...Which is to say, to think less and follow more. They are fanatics, and they will use every means necessary to get what they want, including a tragedy like Katrina, the rising body count in Iraq, and the devastating attacks of 9-11.

I first heard about the vouchers for Katrina school kids last week while monitoring Rush Limbaugh. "America's Anchor Man" was just giddy as a school girl at how angry the Libs were going to be over this voucher thing.

Let's prove Limbaugh right about something.

Do get get as mad as he expects you to about this, and then do something about it.

Don't let the GOP get away with exploiting every tragedy they can get their hands on to push their agenda, all the while claiming it is the Democratic Party that thrives on misfortune to gain power.

It ain't right, and it shouldn't oughta happen in America.



Blogger Archie Levine said...

Before VET gets a chance to post something completely irrelevant to today's post, I thought I'd add something on the thread of Bushco exploiting disasters to further his political agenda. Something he is clearly doing but only Democrats get accused of doing on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Senators Using Katrina to Seek Weaker Environmental Protections, from Greenwatch.

So, again, they use a disaster to get rid of environmental regulations they couldn't get through congress otherwise and to rally support for the ANWAR Holy Grail of Oil that will eliminate our dependance on foreign oil. For about an hour, ten years from now.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

The old brain is slowing down, I completely forgot about their suspending the minimum wage for construction workers down there.

SIGN THE PETITION to ensure that Gulf Coast rebuilders are paid a decent wage for their efforts. Why should Haliburton get fat on this disaster while pulling money from the pockets of the people who are going to do the actual work of rebuilding?

These community wage standards were modest to begin with, averaging about $9.50 an hour—less than $20,000 a year—in the hurricane-stricken Gulf states.

2:47 PM  

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