Monday, October 25, 2004

Chief Justice diverts attention from 380 tons of missing explosives in Iraq

First of all, like everyone commenting on this story says before they start blathering, our hopes and prayers go out to the Chief Justice....I've never prayed so hard for someone I didn't like or respect in my whole life. Honest. But the timing of the announcement sure looks good for Georgie.

I'm not saying the old guy isn't really sick...or that he isn't having surgery, but boy it sure is funny how every time there is a breaking story that doesn't look good for Bush we either get an elevated terrorist alert or some conservative figure does something to get the media to look their way instead.

I mean, "Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq" seems like it ought to be a pretty damned important story....and just when it starts getting some traction on CNN, Rehnquist goes into Bethesda for a procedure that even he says isn't going to keep him from being released from the hospital this week, and he'll be back on the bench when court arguments resume next week! (You know, when he might need to help with deciding the election again.)

He's been 80 all year! We already know whoever gets elected is going to get to shape the Supreme Court in any way they want, because 4 are likely to be replaced during the next four years. Why the fuck are we talking about this instead of asking how the fuck 380 TONS of high explosives are MISSING from Iraq?

The Administration was already criticizing the opposition for "making this a political football." Of course this is a political issue!!!! Isn't it Bush who says September 11th and the War on Terror/Saddam Hussein are the defining issues of his presidency and that he is proud of his record...well, dumb fuck, THIS is part of your record. It is also part of your record that you've known these explosives were missing for weeks and pressured the new Iraqi government not to make a big deal about it.

Uh, gosh, I sure hope Rehnquist is OK in that highly secure medical facility where nobody can get access to any relevant details. I'm so worried about overturning Roe v. Wade that I can't spare a single brain cell to worry about 380 tons of explosives, powerful enough to detonate nuclear warheads, that are missing from a former Iraqi military facility supposed to be under American control!

Holy Crap. I mean....Holy Crap. And there are hordes of you out there cheering for George Bush....and nothing will mobilize his base like the notion of the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Bush is in Iowa right now telling America we are SAFER. Is he insane??? Are you, if you're going to vote for him?

When asked about the explosives we get this:

The senior administration official downplayed the importance of the missing explosives, describing them as dangerous material but "stuff you can buy anywhere." The official added that the administration did not see this necessarily as a "proliferation risk."

What??? Well, I guess if Bush can say he just isn't that concerned about Osama bin Laden, I shouldn't be surprised that his Administration isn't concerned about 380 TONS of explosives just walking away from a site our military is guarding in Iraq.'s just "stuff you can buy anywhere."


But that's not the end of their comforting....

"In the grand scheme -- and on a grand scale -- there are hundreds of tons of weapons, munitions, artillery, explosives that are unaccounted for in Iraq," the official said. "And like the Pentagon has said, there is really no way the U.S. military could safeguard all of these weapons depots or find all of these missing materials."

Holy Crap, yeah, that makes me feel pretty safe, George. Thank you for making the world safe(r) from Terrorism.

If that was the official response to this story, small wonder if Rehnquist took it upon himself to divert a little attention from the doofus he put in the White House.

Please, people, for the love of God, don't let them get away with distracting you from important questions. Kerry points out the incompetence of the administration and Steve Schmitt sticks his tongue out and says: "John Kerry has no vision for fighting and winning the war on terror, so he is basing his attack on the headlines he wakes up to each day."

What does that even mean??? At least Kerry reads the newspaper.

Is Schmitt saying to the American People, "Don't be an America Hating Newspaper Reader like John Kerry! Don't base any criticism of Bush on what you might read in the NEWSPAPER! Don't WE tell you what to believe?" I guess they figure if it is good enough for the President, it's good enough for the rest of us.

I need a drink. And another ACE bandage to wrap around my head to keep it from exploding.


Blogger R said...

Yeah that last one made me laugh out loud when I heard it. He takes his cues from the headlines because THAT IS WHERE THE NEWS IS MORON!! I guess we're not supposed to worry our sweet little heads about such trivia when heading to the polls. Unbelievable.

6:55 PM  

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