Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Who's the real fake Christian?

I was in a pretty heated debate about Christianity this morning, and granted, the only thing I should be heating at this time of day is the water for my instant coffee, but there I was, discussing religion and politics via Instant Message.

My invisible opponent in this argument had asked me what type of Christian I was: Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Charismatic, moderate or liberal. You'll notice "moderate" and "liberal" I didn't capitalize. That's because he didn't either.

I replied to his question that I think there are more kinds of Christians than the nuanced categories which favor radical right wing positions like fundamentalist, evangelical, and charismatic.

Moderate and Liberal have such negative connotations, especially to the aforementioned categories of Christian, that if that is what I am, it feels like I'm a "fake" Christian because I am not one of the first three categories. That really makes me mad. I find this concept of considering me a fake Christian as offensive as Ann Coulter considering me a fake American. I guess I'm aiding and abetting the Devil by my liberal attitudes in the same way I'm giving aid and comfort to the enemy by opposing the war.

Well, hey, "real" Christians, read the Goddam Bible.

Christ stopped a legal execution, Christ was not for legislating morality but getting people to follow a perfect example, he rebuked the pharisees for adhering to the letter of the law rather than embracing the spirit of the law, his best friend was a prostitute, he encouraged people to render under Caesar that which belonged to the state instead of finding every conceivable way to avoid paying their taxes, and he never ever once called for regime change in Rome. Unlike Pat Robertson who called on his followers to pray to God to kill a few Supreme Court Justices as soon as Bush got in office, Jesus while on the cross asked God to forgive his enemies, not smite them. And this whole turn the other cheek thing is about as far as you can get from "Let's Roll" or "Bring it On!" Both of which I have seen on the bumpers of cars also proudly sporting Bush-Cheney, pro-life, and "Charlton Heston is MY President" bumper stickers.

None of the positions listed above that JESUS CHRIST actually took and died for are what modern evangelical, fundamentalist, or charismatic Christians advocate.

So why are THEY considered "real" Christians and I'm the faker?

Well, by their fruit shall they be known....And don't forget, Jesus also said we would suffer in His name...If those other Christians don't seem to be suffering much, maybe they are not the real Christians after all.



Blogger hedbakery said...

as a young person, i remember hearing about the image of Richard Nixon (a Thoughtful Statesman compared to what we have now) being accompanied with the words: "would you buy a used car from this man?" concise and, in its time, effective.

i have one for our Apocalyptic friends (i.e., those who have literally made a religion out of the End of the World) to ponder, a question more in keeping with these dangerous times and, yes, our dangerous President:

"Do you trust this man as King of Babylon?"

10:03 AM  
Blogger ALa said...

Maybe you should go back and read the Bible--there is only ONE thing that makes you a Christian and that is accepting Christ as your Savior and acknowleding that he died for your sins. Not befriending prostitutes (which I think is fine) or helping little old ladies cross the street, helping to free Mumia, or marching for the right to kill babies....Good works do not get you a ticket -only Jesus does.
It is also no one else's right to label anyone a 'fake' Christian -on either side of the political debate. We can question how the policies can co-exist...
I can say to you -how can you advocate abortion and claim to be a Christian and you can ask me how I believe in the death penalty...but neither of us can see into each other's hearts.

6:45 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I agree with you, this holier than thou attitude some Christians display is tiresome. I've always felt that Jesus was the original liberal, but people tend to see and interpret only what they want to see. The biggest peeve I have is with the morons who support Bush because he's a moral, Christian man. Please. Anyone with a clear understanding of the teachings of Jesus doesn't go around lying to nations, deregulating environmental standards, and putting the needs of the rich and giant corporations above all else.

3:12 AM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

Hey, ALa71, come on, you make arguments that make no sense.

To be a Christian is to follow Christ's example, or you're not a followr of Christ.

Second, I never said a thing about good works getting you into Heaven, I said what Jesus said "by their fruit shall you know them." Remember the parable in that book you said I don't read? The one where he has a hunger headache and blows up that tree because it doesn't have anything on it he can eat? You tell me that parable doesn't mean that works aren't important as a DEMONSTRATION of faith and what is going on inside. If Christ is truly in your heart, which no one can see but Christ, then there will be outward signs...the "fruit", it is a metaphor, see...and that is how you will know they are a follower of Christ. Good Works don't create faith, but faith without good works is empty.

So, your argument about being pro-life and saving the unborn but supporting the death penalty...I still don't get it. Are you saying you embrace the hypocrisy of that position or that Jesus hasn't saved your whole heart yet?

Jesus may not have enen owned the clothes he wore...Jesus said material wealth was an impediment to getting into Heaven...but I see all these Darwin eating fish on giant expensive cars...what does that say?

I'm comfortable with my faith, you're comfortable with yours...I'll pray for you, that Jesus may open your eyes, and the eyes of your President.

Evil done in His name is still evil, and he knows it.


4:40 AM  

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