Tuesday, September 28, 2004

She cried when they tore her Bush sign in half...

Some of you may recall front page coverage in many newspapers a few weeks ago, of the story about a very young girl in tears because Kerry supporting hoodlums had torn in half the Bush-Cheney sign she and her daddy had put in her front yard.

It now appears that the young girl, inspired by the vigilante justice embraced by her candidate, has taken matters (and the law) into her own hands.

Over the weekend in my area (and perhaps yours?) there was a rash of Kerry signs defaced or stolen in what seems to be an organized effort. Last week in my community, a little girl of about eight was witnessed stealing a Kerry yard sign and getting into a vehicle which sped from the scene of the crime.

The owner of the sign later saw that very same vehicle at the local Republican headquarters. He saw that there were people in the HQ, but when he went to the door to confront them, they locked the door and pretended they weren't there.

Great Ceasar's Ghost....is this what constitutes the current state of political debate in this country? Sending out little girls to do Dick Cheney's dirty work, then hiding under the bed and giggling when they get caught?

Please, God, don't let this be the government we deserve, because I don't think I could stand it. But, by God, until the people decide in November, I'm sure as hell not going to stand for it.

If that eight year old girl tries to steal my Kerry yard sign again, I'm going to have the little scofflaw arrested faster than you can say "Free Elections in Iraq."

Listen, don't fall into their game. Sure, there are a lot of Bush signs in flag draped yards with yellow ribbons tied around the old oak tree and God Bless America blasting from the speakers normally used behind the Nativity scene...but instead of shooting those signs with paintballs, spelling "Kerry 2004" with RoundUp in their yard, or even knocking on their door and asking the idiot who lives there to explain Bush's plan for Iraq, how this death toll is a sign we're winning the War on Terror, or any other aspect of his foreign or domestic policy on anything besides tax cuts...here's what you do...register a voter and offer to drive them to the polls on election day for each and every Bush sign you see.

Don't be pessimistic just because the Republicans say that's what Democrats are. When it comes to elections, voting is the only thing that matters. Kerry will win if enough people vote for him, and no eight year old thug is going to cancel my vote just because she stole my yard sign. Don't let that pint-sized Ann Coulter cancel yours.



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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Signs of election times not around in morningSome Salem residents say that sign stealers are interfering with their right to free speech.By Tarah Holland
The Roanoke Times

Salem resident Gunther Hoyt has always put political signs in his front yard.

In his 18 years on Market Street, the signs have lasted until election time. But this year six of his Kerry/Edwards signs fell victim to what some are calling, "thieves of the night."

To read the full story:

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