Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bush Resigns: Cheney Taps Ashcroft

October 15th:

Republicans finally realize the hypocrisy of calling Dan Rather a liar and screaming for his resignation while not considering Bush's reliance on forged documents to take us into an illegal war anything but an honest mistake by minions below him in the CIA.

They seek Bush's resignation rather than give up their hatred of Dan Rather, martyr of the liberal press.

Bush resigns, Cheney takes top slot, and taps Ashcroft for his running mate.

The resulting wave of sympathy for Bush and right wing religious zealots combined with pro-business patriots likely to result in a landslide victory.

The above is Archie's entry in a nifty new on-line contest for predictions of the October Surprise. See: Name the October Surprise for more details!

Archie Levine


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