Friday, October 22, 2004

If Bush wins, then we deserve what we get. I mean it.

I've got a message for Bush supporters...Read a goddamn newspaper, and watch something besides FOX once in a while.

Jesus Christ.

The separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters. (The PIPA/knowledge Networks Polling Report, October 21st, 2004.)

Read that, and tell me you aren't ashamed of yourselves.

Some of the key findings in that report include:

  1. Bush supporters mostly believe Iraq had WMD before the war. (56%!)
  2. They believe that this was the conclusion of Charles Duelfer in his report. (57%) (Huh?)
  3. They believe that Saddam was providing material support to Al Qaida, and that evidence of this has been found. A large majority believe that most experts agree with this conclusion and a substantial majority of Bush supporters think this was the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission. (75%!!!) (Again, "Huh?")
  4. They believe that the Bush Administration still says Iraq had either WMD or an active major weapons program. (82%!!!!) They also believe that the Administration is still saying there was an Al Qaida connection to Iraq. (75%!!!)
  5. Interestingly, large majorities of Bush supporters said that if Iraq did not have WMD before the war and was not providing material support to Al Qaida, then the invasion was NOT justified. (61% think that if Bush knew there were no WMDs he would not have gone to war.) (Huh? Oh, I guess they can't afford to admit mistakes any more than their candidate. Gooooood. I feel safer already.)
  6. Only three in ten Bush supporters think the majority of the world oppose the war in Iraq. Bush supporters think the majority of the world wants Bush to be re-elected and they overestimate the amount of Islamic support for the War on Terror.
  7. The majority of Bush supporters are completely wrong on where they think Bush stands on a range of foreign policy issues. Completely wrong! I'll say it again...COMPLETELY WRONG! Kerry supporters, the study finds, have ACCURATE perceptions of where their guy stands on these issues.

That last one makes you understand a little better why the Republicans flog the flip flop thing so much..."Sure, with Kerry....all you smarty pants newspaper readers, you agree with where he stands today, but he might change tomorrow!"

MUCH better than saying, "Bush isn't for what you think he is, but at least he hasn't changed positions on what you mistakenly think he believes!"

If you're too stupid to find out what your candidate actually stands for, you're probably too stupid to call him on it later, because you won't want to let every one know how stupid you are by admitting your mistake. Just like your boy in the White House.

Conscience? Hell no, because it isn't really you stepping into that voting booth on November 2nd, it is GOD voting THROUGH you. Just ask Alan Keyes.

Do you really think an all powerful omniscient being is going to ignore statistics like these? God didn't have to poll anyone, he already knows that:

69% of Bush supporters think he favors a multi-lateral approach to a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Wrong.

72% of Bush supporters think he favors a multi-lateral approach to a treaty banning land mines. Wrong.

51% of Bush supporters think he favors US participation in the Kyoto Treaty. Wrong.

53% of Bush supporters think he favors US participation in the International Criminal Court. Wrong.

74% of Bush supporters think he favors labor and environmental standards in agreements on trade. Wrong.

The recurring theme emerges: because Bush supporters favor these positions, they infer that Bush does too. Well, you know what they say about what happens when you ASSUME something.

You make an ass out of the whole fucking country you fucking idiots!!!

The only things you imbeciles got right was that 47% of you knew he still wanted to do that missile defense thing without conducting any more research on its effectiveness or feasibility; 57% of you knew he wanted to increase military spending (only 57% of you knew this??? God, you really are idiots!); and a whopping 70% of you knew Bush wants the US and not the UN to have a larger role in rebuilding Iraq.

Gee. With voters like you....I guess it isn't as hard to understand certain aspects of 20th Century European history afterall. If you don't want to know something, there isn't a chance in Hell you're gonna bother finding it out.

Just keep chanting "I believe, George Bush, help my unbelief."

Sure, you gotta have faith...But faith in what?


Blogger R said...

AAAAAAAAA-MEN!!! Like my friend Nicole says "It's a sad day when Al Sharpton starts making sense" And he does. I can't believe the reports I hear that women and minorities are voting Bush. What?!! But please...ride the donkey folks...ride the donkey. It's bigger than rock they crawled from under, this election. They are hiding behind Jesus while nailing the rest of us up.

5:59 PM  

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