Sunday, October 17, 2004

Holy Crap...Irony MUST be dead....

Remember how, right after September 11th, people kept saying it was the death of irony?

Well it must be dead if James Tobin can say this with a straight face:

"It is disappointing, indeed, to see the opposition party manipulate the court system in a blatant effort to influence the election," Tobin said in his statement.
from: Bush's New England Campaign Chief Resigns, By ERIK STETSON,
Associated Press Writer, Friday October 15, 2004 9:46 PM

Holy Crap!

Was he asleep when the Rehnquist Five handed the presidency and the fate of our nation to George W. Bush?

Talk about activist judges!

And this isn't a situation where the Democrats are lodging a lawsuit in an attempt to influence the current election...Unless you call exposing the truth about the underhanded, dirty, illegal tricks the Republicans used in a previous election an attempt to influence the voter.

Sure, Mr. Tobin, the truth can be pretty damned influential. Maybe the Republicans should try using it sometime.

Isn't the judicial system where you are supposed to turn when you need redress for a wrong and to achieve justice? How can Tobin complain when people do what they are supposed to do?

I can't take it anymore...I'm choking on the absurdity of this administration, their standing in the polls, their tactics, their attitude, their arrogance, their reliance on an uninformed base, and the way damned near half of America wants so desperately to believe any lie they feed us.

It's almost as if the Administration has a secret plan to make the head of every liberal American who actually reads a newspaper explode. This morning watching Meet The Press I could actually feel my head bulging and burping steam like Mt. St. Helens. I must have looked like one of the special effects scenes from Scanners*.

Well, FUCK YOU, GEORGE! I will foil your evil plan!

I'm wrapping my head in an ACE bandage until November 3rd, and crossing my fingers that enough well informed, literate, articulate liberals out there do too! Protect your heads and make sure you vote! Kerry will win if enough of you survive long enough to vote for him!

The other possibility is too terrible to contemplate....millions and millions of headless liberals sitting in front of their televisions with CNN and C-Span playing to blood spattered living rooms while George Bush is re-elected in a landslide.

Talk about scary!

*Scanners is a really good movie you need to be about as old as I am to have watched. Watch it on one of those new fangled tapes that are flat, round, and shiny.


Blogger R said...

So THAT is why blood has been trickling out of my ears when I read my beloved Maureen Dowd in the Ny Times!! Dastardly!

7:36 PM  

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