Saturday, June 09, 2007

"...So Long As I'm The Dictator"

We all remember being a little uneasy when George W. made that famous statement, the one where he says that democracy is hard, that it would be a lot easier if this were a long as he was the dictator.

I don't know if you've noticed, but big steps are still being taken in that direction. He has amassed the greatest number of imperial powers the office of President has ever had. He's placed himself above the law and openly considers Congress irrelevant as is evidened by his signing statements.

On May 4th, he went a giant leap forward by signing a new executive order, put up on the White House website on May 9th. The National Continuity Policy: homeland security-national security presidential directive-- a special kind of executive order that can be kept secret -- meaning you might not even know that it has happened when it does. Maybe it already has.

Ever since Bush and his fellows began exploiting 9-11 to justify sweeping attacks on the freedoms and democracy they claim to be protecting from the Terrorists who hate our freedom so much, I've been warning that the Neo-Cons and Theocrats have been working to ensure that what we used to think of as America goes away forever. They seem to be pulling it off quite nicely.

I've also been saying for years that George Bush is going to be President a lot longer than FDR. I pray every night that I'm wrong, and that one day soon we will have someone in office who actually understands the Constitution they have sworn to defend.

The Rhenquist Five did more and longer lasting damage to this nation than Islamic Terrorists are capable of doing. The Bushies are fond of pointing out that there has been no attack on America since 9-11. They forget the attacks they themselves have mounted.

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