Thursday, April 19, 2007

They Put Torture Boy on CSPAN 3????

I am rug biting mad today, boy! What is arguably the most important testimony of the entire Bush administration so far, is broadcast live on CSPAN 3 today. I got 30 minutes of the opening on tape before they pre-empted it to give us live coverage of the House debate on Iraq War Spending, saying you can continue to follow this hearing on CSPAN 3.

Who even gets CSPAN 3? It isn't even an option in my region and I'm only 3 hours outside of Washington DC!!!!

Fer freak's sake!

Score another point for that damned Liberal Media Bias that is doing everything it can to bring down the Bush admistration. God, can you even imagine what a wonderful world it would be if there actually were a liberal bias to our media?

Or conservatives who are smart enough to realize that news agencies beholding to and dependent on advertising paid for by corporations who are agressively conservative can't possibly be liberal in their bias?

Or a public that admires people who question authority rather than believe their leaders because their leaders are infallible simply because they are leaders?

Where do we live, anyway? It certainly doesn't feel like the world's greatest representative democracy which depends on an informed public willing to take responsibility for governing themselves.


Here, be subversive--get informed: Google News Right Now!


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