Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby Takes Fall...It took long enough.

I'm sorry folks, I've been so busy and so convinced we're going to invade Iran that it has been hard to muster the strength to type a post. Perhaps if we are still only engaged in two wars come the end of May, and not the three or more I expect we'll be in, I'll be able to start posting again.

A few things of note...how far my jaw dropped when Neal Boortz used the Walter Reed story as a way to bash the utopian ideal of socialized medicine....that was a biggie.

How we announced we're working on a new Nuke while telling everyone else they can't have any.

How a few weeks ago Russia made vieled threats that they thought Bush might have gone too far and something might have to be done.

How Iran is actually helping the Shia that we are backing in the civil war there against the Sunnis, who are being supplied by Saudi Arabia, but we're going to invade Iran and not Saudi Arabia.

How the deal brokered with North Korea is essentially the same one Clinton brokered, but which Bush abrogated because he felt (like he did with Iraq) that North Korea was violating the agreement by enriching Uranium, which they weren't it turns out, but wouldn't have been against the agreement anyway because the agreement was specifically about Plutonium enrichment, and by the way...the bomb they did develop and detonate? Yup, it was Plutonium, which they hadn't been developing, as per the agreement, until Bush broke the agreement.

How our foreign policy is to say we are open to discussion so long as the other party we might want to have discussions with will do whatever we want to be the result of the discussions before we start discussing anything and blame the other party for being opposed to the discussion we have invited them to have when they, quite logically, tell us to go stuff it.

How the conservatives scream about the idiocy of global warming being based on carbon emissions from fossil fuel consumption but if they would simply advocate conservation of fossil fuel use in order to break what the President himself calls an oil addiction and cut off the money stream to the very people conservatives tell us are doing nothing night and day but plotting to kill every American...we'd satisfy the Green wish for a reduction in the carbon footprint. Why can't we reduce our consumption of fossil fuels for a patriotic reason or is it really their desire taht we empower our enemies and destroy the planet rather than give one single liberal something they are working to achieve? I know, they don't care about ideology, except to justify and enable profit, which is the only motivation at play in the conservative mind, but the obvious idiocy is still galling.

And lastly...my friends...you should have heard Rush Limbaugh grinding through his mental gears to spin the Libby verdict today. I can't do it justice in my weakened, nearly comatose state, so please go right now to Huffingtonpost.com and read today's post about it.


But still...there are more pennies to drop. The time will come, and I believe soon, that Bush and his lawbreaking will be revealed. The empire will fall. Unless he can drop those nuclear bombs on the imaginary nuclear factory in Iran. Then all bets are off.

Anybody got a copy of Endgame?

"You Cried for Night. It Fell. Now Cry in Darkness..."

Or something like that.


Blogger R said...

First off..congratulations on your ability to listen to Limbog and report in to the rest of us. I hear his name and get a rash.
Secondly..we've BEEN at war with Iran. And syria, and in a way Russia. I guess the question is are we going to take this brawl off the playground (Iraq) and over to THEIR house or will they come to ours? The world just get's scarier and scarier.
Welcome back Archie. I've just been overwhelmed by EVERYTHING I just gave up trying to know where to begin.
Love ya buddy!

5:15 AM  

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