Friday, April 20, 2007

Video Vets on Youtube

A very good friend of mine recently took part in the YouTube experiment called Video Vets.

VideoVets: Susan Sykes Berry

God bless you, Sue. And my prayers are with you, and every other mother, son, daugher, father, and family member who has a loved one out there in uniform serving their country even though their government has failed them so badly for so long.

Sue's video is one of many produced and directed by karinmoveon. Please take a little time to watch some of these videos...this war needs some human faces. The administration has done everything in its power to keep this war from feeling real to the American public...part of the "fight them over there" strategy.

You can find out a lot more about the Video Vets project by going to the Video Vets page at

From their website:

"The administration tries to call anyone who criticizes their policy in Iraq 'anti-troop,' but the interviews below show that 'supporting the troops' does NOT mean supporting an endless war. The voices of these veterans and military families are missing from the debate in Washington. Together we can make sure they become a vital part of the national dialogue around ending the war.

You watch the videos and tell us what you think. Then, Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone will turn it into a TV ad-spreading this message even further. (Note: The views expressed in these interviews do not necessarily reflect the views of VoteVets or Political Action, they are the views of interview subjects only.)"


Blogger PeterAtLarge said...

Hi Archie, not sure how to get ahold of you otherwise, but wanted to let you know that The Bush Diaries (which you've got on your blogroll) has morphed into The Buddha Diaries,

It's a bit more expansive but still puts in two cents about W. now and again.

Keep up the good work, loved your post a while back on Waxman...


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