Friday, July 15, 2005

"That's Bullshit"

I was watching Lou Dobbs just now, (6:14 pm EST) and Lou introduced a story saying that Karl Rove was not the primary source for the Plame leak. That columnist Bob Novak had gotten it from someone else.

Just before the clip started I heard someone on CNN staff whisper "That's bullshit."

This on-air blooper is, I am pretty confident, mistaken. While I agree with the sentiment and the knee-jerk presumption that anything this administration or any of its members says is a lie....I actually have thought from the very beginning that the original source for the leak was George W. Bush himself, and that Rove was going to "take one for the team."

I don't know why else these reporters would have gone to such lengths to protect Rove, even though he signed a waiver allowing people to reveal him as the source 18 months ago. Bush, or whoever the original primary source of the leak to Bob Novak was, never gave such waiver and still remains a secret. A secret only Bob Novak and the Leaker are certain to know. So why isn't Bob Novak on the hot seat?

I don't think anyone (except perahps Novak) is protecting Bush out of patriotic loyalty either...I think they are protecting themselves because Bush is no stranger to reprisals.

Him like to spank. And spank hard.

Keep on this story, so-called Liberal Press. Go get 'em Lou Dobbs!

It ain't about is, and always has been, about Bob Novak and his original source. If it isn't a conservative assault on its critics, why would Bush apologist Bob Novak be the only one who isn't in trouble? He is the one who broke the story. Judith Miller didn't even write and publish a story about it, but there she is, in jail for 9 days and counting!

This whole thing has Bush Pay Back written all over it, and we all know that Bush isn't one to take into consideration any legal restraints to getting what he wants, especially when it is revenge. ("This is the guy who tried to kill my Dad.")

Maybe it will turn out that Bush has to be true to his word and "fire" himself for being the leaker.

That'd be swell.

About as likely as Anderson Cooper crawling out of my ass with all of Bush's missing military records in his hands, but still swell.

I'm certain that if someone asked Bush about his promise to fire any leakers on his staff, George would point out he'd said that he'd fire anyone "on his staff" who was revealed to be leaking confidential information....

"You can't be on your own staff," He'd point out, with that maddening chuckle he uses to let you know how much stupider he thinks you are than he is. Then, he'd follow up with three or four variations on the following, "See, I don't work for me. I work for the American People. To put it another way, I'm on your staff, but that doesn't mean I don't think of myself as a member of the American People. Understand, I represent the American People. In a way, or put another way, I am the American People. They elected me to speak for them and that's what I'm doing. If I know something then that's really the same as the American People knowing it so nothing I tell Bob Novak or anyone else is revealing a secret, the only secrets are things I'm not willing to tell my self and I'm just not going to do that so long as I have the best interests of me, I mean you, I mean us, at heart."

Wish I'd been recording Lou tonight...that breathily whispered "bullshit" was priceless.

Wrong...but priceless.


Blogger R said...

Damn Damn Damn Damn!! My husband turned on Lou Dobbs and I said "We'll catch Lou later, I want to watch the mullet documentary" (No lie) so I MISSED IT. Hopefully John Stewart didn't. In which case, we'll be seeing it tomorrow. Damn!
I think your completely wrong about everything Archie. Wanna place bets?
I like the Anderson Cooper visual. Priceless.
Oh and I think the Bush chuckle actually means "Oh man. I am SOOOO MUCH DUMBER than yall even KNOW"

4:00 PM  
Blogger R said...

Hey. Just checked out some conservative blogs and they have started ending every post with "God bless Dubya"
I think we should end ours "God Bless Hillary Clinton" Even if we're talking about salmon swimming upstream. If we BOTH don't turn up missing after will be a miracle.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the "that's bullshit" blooper also. I watched the rerun later at 10:00 PM and they had edited it out. They also edited out another commentary made by Dobbs.


8:48 PM  
Blogger R said...


11:32 PM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

Yeah, this is one of the reasons that while I'm working in my office I have CNN just running constantly. You do often get some news stories that only run once, or a detail which is potentially explosive in a story that gets cut out the next time the piece runs.

Line during the invasion of Iraq only once did I see the clip and hear the story of the US service men who were ordered NOT to shoot people looting the hospital and they were so torn by this order that they were giving Iraqi doctors in that hospital captured weapons so that they could shoot the looters who were stealing equipment needed to keep patients alive.

I will never forget the images of Iraqi doctors in scrubs shooting looters who were running down the street carrying medical supplies and equipment while US soldiers stood and watched. I'll never SEE them again, but I'll never forget them.

No, our troops weren't allowed to stop looters at hospitals or museums, but God help anyone who tried to take anything from the Ministry of Oil.

I wish I could afford TiVo.

5:03 AM  
Blogger R said...


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