Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stop the Theocratic Elite!

Just when I say I love America, they do it again. I've been preaching for 10 years that these people won't stop until they have a Theocracy.

Defend Separation of Church and State

The man who put "freedom fries" on the House cafeteria menu is back with a far grimmer proposal: the Houses of Worship Political Speech Protection Act, which would let tax-exempt churches endorse candidates. In public, Walter Jones (R-N.C.) insists his bill is about free speech. But in private, he says it's about much more. "You can't have a strong nation that does not follow God!" he preached recently to a conference of Reclaiming America for Christ, a group dedicated to fundamentalist government. "God, please!" he thundered, "God, please! Save America!"

God, please, help defeat this bill and all those who would exploit your Son for their own poltical purposes....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This bill was introduced and defeated a couple of years ago, but I guess it looks like they're running it out again.

Even if passed, it would be struck down by even a conservative court; the violation of the Establishment Clause could hardly be more self-evident. Removing the political action prohibitions of Section 501(c)(3) for houses of religious worship but not for any other tax exempt organizations can hardly be argued with a straight face to have any credible secular purpose.

This is just a display for their hard-core base. It will not pass, and if it passed it would not stand. Not even with Republicans in power.

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