Monday, June 06, 2005

I've Been TAGGED...and it didn't hurt much.

If anyone but Rhonda at Skinny Dipping with the President had sent me this, I probably wouldn't do it....but what can I say? I lack the will to resist.

And as she pointed out, I am getting off easy since a lot of these things are hundreds of questions long full of personal information you just really wouldn't want to know about me (or anyone else) anyway. This is the one and only time I will be responding to one of these. If you even THINK about sending one to be funny...I will sign you up for correspondence course at Liberty Univeristy.

The main reasons I'm doing it, is because anything that gets bloggers to do a fresh post if they haven't posted in a while is a good thing (yes, I feel the guilt) and also because the request to do this isn't clogging up the internet with chain email.

Lastly, it will get my lazy ass looking at 5 blogs I haven't looked at often enough and read their recent posts...which probably all already include this exact same post since Rhonda and I read most of the same blogs. Dang it.

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video: at least 60 (can't count them, I'm away on a trip, but I have a large collection of war movies, a nearly complete Matt Helm set, I'm not counting the DVDs of classic TV shows, since it does say "films", but I also have a ton of documentaries, which qualify. Plus I'm getting an MFA in Film Studies in a Summer Program and that means buying movies as though they were text books. Sigh.)

2) The last film I bought: Young Frankenstein (I last saw it in the theatre...and I wanted to watch it with my wife, but she has yet to find the time or interest and so it remains un-opened.)

3) The last film I watched: Das Boot, 5.5 hour version (My favorite, I watch it every couple of months, and even have the unabridged audio book for my car, a gift from my far too supportive wife.)

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal/blog... Which, I send with the same caveat Rhonda gave me...that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF ANY CONSEQUENCE WHATSOEVER WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU BLOW THIS WRETCHED THING OFF.

If you are a lucky recipient, copy this, change it and post it on your blog. You'll never see another one from me. Or from Rhonda...she promised, and so do I.


Blogger R said...

Are you accusing me of comment whoredom Archie? (Re: your comment about my comment about..wait Wha?) Cause I mean my compliments thankyouverymuch. Hopefully we are safe from evil chain breaking karma and it won't come knocking again. Great taste in movies. Good thing we are not neighbors (for one we'd get run out of the neighborhood with all our shouting about Bush)cause I would send the husband over to borrow some of your flicks. He'd be happy to watch Frankenstein with you. Blech.

2:34 PM  

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