Monday, February 21, 2005

Well, I guess now Bush knows how Monica felt

I keep hearing all day about how pissed off Bush must be about the betrayal of a friend, to whom he was speaking in confidence, who recorded, and then released, audio tapes of those conversations.

Gosh, he's right. It doesn't matter if the guy who did it was doing it in states where it was legal to do. It was just flat out wrong to tape a conversation without someone else knowing it and then use that tape for an unauthorized purpose.

Sure, the Department of Homeland Security can do that, but not a private citizen.

Though, if it hadn't been for Linda Tripp's illegal recordings of her conversations with friend Monica Lewinsky about that stained dress Monica was keeping in her hope chest, Bill Clinton might not have been dogged so much that Gore couldn't win the 2000 election with all the cards stacked in his favor.

It's just a thought.

Bush can be upset about the betrayal of Doug Wead all he wants, but exactly the same kind of betrayal helped him get in the White House in the first place.

The thing that is most alarming to me is that Bush says something on the tapes I've been worried about since the beginning of his presidency. That he thinks John Ashcroft would make a great Supreme Court Justice.

John Ashcroft, he confided, would be a "very good Supreme Court pick" or "fabulous" vice president.

Who gives a shit if he talks about smoking dope on the tape, he's also stating that he was thinking about John Ashcroft before he even got elected President the first time!


That should scare the bejeezus out of you people, especially since the position Ashcroft is likely to get is Chief Justice! Come, on, American Liberal Media! Please start being the powerful threat the right continues to accuse you of being.

Please? Pretty, pretty please?

If "drug-mania" forces you to pay attention to the President and his remark about smoking pot, which was:

"I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions," he said, according to the Times. "You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried."

...then maybe what we should talk about is that the President wants our children to know that if you have done something bad, don't fucking admit it no matter what. Never answer a direct question about it if it might be embarrassing, and if you ever do need to defend that decision, saying that you are trying to protect children is all the justification you need.

Well, Bob Novak, you're right, one thing you can say about Bush is he is consistent.

How about the other lessons this guy is teaching our kids? That if you think someone is going to hurt you, even if you don't have proof, hurt them first. If you don't have the proof you need to hurt someone, invent it. Claim the benefits of lying and hurting people outweigh any restraint.

I don't know about you, but I don't want this guy babysitting any of my underage relatives.

Pay attention people, the world is being pulled out from under your feet.

Secret tapes recorded Bush's pre-White House thinking, By David D. Kirkpatrick The New York Times


Blogger Jet said...

What liberal media? This admisitration has got them so cowed with the threat of no access that they no longer function is any way that resembles their duty as impartial journalists. It's all about opinions; facts be damned.

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