Monday, September 20, 2004

Holy Crap! How do they get away with this???

Well, the short answer is by you and me letting them.


Or you're going to get the government you deserve. Like it or not, and I bet you ain't gonna like it at all.

GOP Mailing Warns Liberals Will Ban Bibles

Fri Sep 17,11:58 PM ET

By WILL LESTER, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON - Campaign mail with a return address of the Republican National Committee warns West Virginia voters that the Bible will be prohibited and men will marry men if liberals win in November. "

Follow link for full story.


Are we really willing to let these guys win this way?

Can we live with ourselves if we do?

Do we want a President and ruling party who are in power because we have been made so terrified of a shadow enemy which the government can shape for us at will while at the same time using carefully modulated fear of that enemy to strip away every freedom and liberty the claims they are defending from that enemy?

Do we really want a government whose primary purpose is to go to war against one type of religious extremism while doing all they can to promote their own religious extremism?

Are we really willing to abandon the concept of "loyal opposition" and trash a two party system by equating liberals and democrats with sodomizing hedonist America-hating terrorist helpers?

Do we really want a nation which increasingly defines itself by what it is not rather than by what it is? Do we really want to embrace a culture of Nationalism rather than Patriotism?

Where did America go?

I miss my country. Do you?


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