Friday, September 05, 2008

The End Is Near....

I watched the DVR of the convention. The whole night had the feel of a Nuremberg rally. Right down to the Storm Troopers dragging out those Peace Sign showing, pink shirt wearing women against the war. (Code Pink)
But ain't that little Bush Jungen precious?

I am not really being hyperbolic here. The woman was/is a member of the Alaska Independence Party which advocated secession because the US Government was too intrusive and violated the Constitution.

Never mind that both the persons on the Democratic ticket are ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL SCHOLARS who might actually restore some elements of the Constitution this administration and the Republican Party have used for toilet paper for eight years.

From what I hear, McCain wanted to pick Lieberman, but Rove wouldn’t let him and insisted on Romney, so McCain went with her to show he is his own man. Then, even in his own acceptance speech, he spent a huge amount of time talking about her. She seemed to be the one in charge, the gun toting church lady.

I think that what will happen for the Mother of All October Surprises is that McCain will get another “health issue” and have to withdraw from the ticket, moving her to the number one spot and she will tap Romney.

Then there will be so much media buzz close enough to the election to provide cover for another theft of the election via fraud at the polls.

Again, what I hate most is that I now live in an America where a notion like that is even something that would occur to me, let alone seem plausible.

The crazy thing is this supposedly being a reflection of McCain's superior judgement that comes from experience. What it does reflect is a truly dangerous leadership style that will be based on gut reaction and attempts to salvage a sense of self worth on McCain's part as he continues to be pressed into service by the Rove Machine.

What I'm trying to say is...We're doomed.

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