Sunday, June 01, 2008

Scotty Confirms Archie Was Right All Along

Long time readers...and there actually are a few...will know that from the beginning I've said that it was Bush himself who leaked the Valarie Plame stuff.

I've said all along that he is vindictive enough, vengeful enough, and has enough arrogance to not care about the laws designed to restrict and limit what a President can do while in office.

Now, in his book, Scott McClellan states that the President himself was involved in selectively declassifying intelligence...including intelligence used to discredit Joe Wilson.

I repeat the cry for justice.

I repeat the call for impeachment.

This President hates this country, hates the Constitution, hates our laws, hates our traditions, hates our system of government.

How can even 20% of this country still love him for it?


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