Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Operation Chaos

El Rushbo has been working his pimpled draft evading butt off to help keep Hilary in the race.

I've heard him say time and again, "Better Hillary Clinton in the White House than John McCain."

Though, it should be said, that was before McCain got the nomination.

Rush and many other members of the "We're not elitists, but that doesn't mean we're not better than you are" conservative punditry have actually been raising money for Hillary's campaign. Not necessarily because (despite the earlier quote) they want her to win, but because they want to divide the Democratic Party (it is, in fact, the Democratic, not Democrat, Party) and have Hillary and Barack tear each other apart before the general election to give their boy a better shot.

They even use the phrase "Keep her in it so we can win it!"

And I know that their tactics are working, because I know several Ditto Head true believers who hate Hillary with all the "red" blood in their veins who registered as Democrats to vote for her in their primaries. Why shouldn't they? McCain has the nomination so why not participate in tipping the primary in their favor.

It looks like Indiana, a state that is never going to go for the Democratic candidate in the general election anyway, had as much as 7% of the vote for Hillary come from Republicans just to keep her in the race a little longer.

You can read Rush bragging about his attempt to influence the election on his website: Operation Chaos.

Here are my questions about all this.

First, was there some backdoor deal in 2004 where Hillary was told that if she didn't run for President then, and keep George from getting a second term, they'd field such a crappy slate of candidates in 2008 that she'd be a cinch to get elected...and then Obama in Iowa surprised everyone and ruined all the carefully laid back door plans?

Pardon my tendency toward we're told so often, we're living in a Post-September 11th World now, where pretty much all bets are off and anything can happen. Even something as plausible as democracy being a sham and governance of the nation being run through the shady deals of families that want to create dynasties.

Here's another question I have.

Why on Earth would the Democratic party choose to have as its nominee for the Presidency the same candidate that Rush Limbaugh is working so hard to keep in the race instead of the candidate that Rush Limbaugh is actually afraid of getting the nomination?

Here's another one.

With Hillary trying so hard to "have the votes of Michigan and Florida count", even though she agreed to abide by the rules of her party and not let them count if those states broke the rules for setting the dates for their primaries...I really have to wonder why nobody is asking this question...How can we expect Hillary to abide by the Constitution and the laws of our nation if she cannot even abide by the rules set by her own political party?

Do we want another president who will say anything, do anything, regardless of the consquencs for the people she supposedly represents in order to be the winner?

Do we really want another president, regardless of race or gender, who doesn't give a crap about rules, laws, or anything but their own self interest?

I don't know about you, but I've had about enough of that to last me a lifetime from the president we already have.

Jesus, Hillary...stop. Just stop, already.

There's a lot more on the table than your place in history.

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