Thursday, March 16, 2006

An Elephant Never Forgets

One thing that drives me nuts about the Radical Right Wing is their insistance that they are the only ones who get to define what "Christian" is. That and their rampant hypocrisy.

You know what hypocrisy is? It is that thing that really ticked the Jesus off....The original Jesus, not the one on your dashboard or bumper sticker. Not Republican Jesus.

The Theocratic Elite talk a big game about following the example of Christ, but forgiveness isn't a very big part of their philosophy (never mind that stuff about charity and non-violence).

A pretty good example is what just happened to poor Hanoi Jane in Georgia.

The Georgia Senate on Thursday nearly unanimously defeated a resolution that would have honored the actress' charity work in the state.

Criticizing the government and trying to end a war...advocating peace...that will forever trump any acts of charity which come after. Not that criticizing the goverment or trying to end a war because you are an ardent peace activist seem that bad when we live in a country in which the ability to criticize the government is supposed to be a defining virtue and peace is a Christian ideal...but these Republicans...not so big on the logic front...only the vengeance front.

They like the revenge a lot.

Or take Missouri. They are trying to pass a resolution naming Christianity the official religion of the majority of Missourians.

When you have a lock on all three branches of government, why not go whole hog? Trying to get Judge Roy Moore's special statue of the 2nd draft of the Ten Commandments seems like small potatoes.

The thing is, they have a much more radical agenda than the gays they pretend to be afraid of. They actually want a theocracy. They are making bold strides and are getting away with it because they've got you afraid to question their motives.

Criticize the government, and you are are an enemy of the state.
Criticize Christianity and you are persecuting Christians and an enemy of God.

Two great things that get greater together. That's the plan.

I say we call them on it and make these people wrapped in the flag act like Americans.

I say we make these Christians act in a Christ-like way and stop using their religion to justify hatred.

That's what I say.

What do you say?

(Remember....the elephants are listening and just waiting to trample longer how long they have to wait, they are not going to forget. Martyrdom is easier to venerate than contemplate, though, ain't it?)


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