Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let me get this straight...this is what he wants his first veto to be?

Ok...So we all know that the DP World deal with a company owned by the United Arab Emirates (A country with far more demonstrable links to September 11th than Iraq) is going to be in charge of 6 vital American ports is a "hot button" topic.

We know that Rush Limbaugh is in favor of it and that Sean Hannity is suspicious of it (Bill Frist is against it, so poor Sean's head is grinding and smoking over deciding what he's supposed to think and or say about it).

We know that many Republicans are outraged over it, but Jimmy Carter says it is probably no big deal. Sign of the apocolypse?

We know that Dittoheads are glad to see Democrats acting like racists because Dems are against giving control of the ports to an Arab firm. Now they get to slam Democrats for being Johnny Come Latelys to the security issue and for being hypocrits about profiling. (That logic makes sense to them, though it doesn't make sense to me...but then the very definition of DittoHead is to agree with Rush without having to actually make or understand the argument being made.)

We know that these folks in congress (from both parties) who are against it are talking about sending up a bill to oppose it, and that the President has said he'd veto any legislation designed to stop this deal.

But did you know that the President didn't even find out about this deal until AFTER it was already a done deal? That's right. He saw it on the TV news. I guess we should be glad that he is actually watching the news, that's in the plus column, but I would think something like this might be something the White House would be interested in taking a peek at before it gets passed.

Did you know that passage of this deal was not even legal, because by law any sale such as this to a foreign power which might affect national security is supposed to get a vigorous 45 day investigation and Congressional Review?

Now, here's the thing, folks.

1) I don't know if this is a safe or a good deal. Neither does Congress. Because they weren't given a chance to find out, because this administration doesn't care what you, I, or Congress thinks. It does what it wants to do and deals with the fall out later.

2) The President didn't even know about the deal until after it was over, and he is taking his strongest public stance, waving the veto pen, to protect it. This tells me that either someone else is telling our President what to think, do and say or the President doesn't care that he doesn't know enough about the issue to take a stand on it.

3) This administration are a bunch of scoff laws and they are doing their best to turn the DittoHead nation into unquestioning scoff laws too. This deal was NOT legal. It shouldn't be at the point where Bush is threatening to veto a law which would prevent it, it should be at the point where Bush is explaining why, again, his administration doesn't feel it has to follow any laws it does not like.

And here, we get to the real heart of the matter. With one party in control of all the branches of government there is no chance of impeachment, no consequences for wrong action, and no hope of oversight in a government any school kid is supposed to understand was created with the novel notion of checks and balances to power. Why does this administration keep doing stuff like this? Because it knows it can.

Think about it...breaking the law and misrepresenting the truth are textbook examples of impeachable offenses...but impeachment can't happen unless the House decides to take that action...and this House is beholden.

I know that by bringing up impeachment I will be immediately discounted by many as a Bush Hater. I am not a Bush Hater. I am an America Lover and I'd like to have a President who cared about things like obeying the law.

Is that too damned much to ask?


Blogger R said...

The reason Hannity's head is exploding is because he is trying to walk the line with his listeners. Listeners who happen to be broken apart by this. The majority are against the President. This is such a new concept to him, (I mean, they excused the no Wmd's, Katrina, the 911 report, I could go on..)he is flabbergasted. I couldn't believe the conservatives calling in Air America to pledge to vote Democrate in the coming election over this. They'd better spin this quick. Joe Beercan is waking up.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tough call. I am against this port deal as well although since 9-11 the UAE has been cooperating with us.Clinton loves them too. He spoke at the University there to promote his book. We do need relations with some Mid East countries. The UAE are the ones taking a big risk because they have alot to lose because they deal with ports all over the world. So it's a catch-22.
Also there was a law put in place in the early 90's that these transactions can be done without congressional oversight. But yes there should be exceptions.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

VET...if it takes Bill Clinton to get you to question anything that this President does or that Rush Limbaugh says...well, all I can say is that I've got a whole new reason to believe in a place called Hope.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If don't bring up Bill Clinton then you and everyone else will forget that he is tight with the UAE. You can't have Bill Clinton playing patty-cake with them and then everyone here turns against them. A bit confusing don't you think?

9:04 AM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

I'm not sure that taking a high paid speaking engagement in the UAE is "tight-making".

Or perhaps you are basing this on the fact that Tenet went on record saying that there was an occaision where Clinton didn't do a missle strike to take out bin Laden because doing so would have taken out half the royal family of the UAE.

Now, I grant you, Bill is probably trying to get Kofi Anan's job at the UN, but don't let my talking about Bill Clinton distract you from the real important thing and a lot of other dittoheads are starting to ask questions about what the Prez and El Rushbo are telling you.

Miracles do happen.

10:22 AM  

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