Friday, January 27, 2006

"If the President does it, it's not illegal."

That's what Nixon said and we tore him a new one. Even Republicans wouldn't stand for a President who so clearly flouted the law, disregarded the Constitution he was sworn to protect. America rejected an imperial presidency then.

Why now? If you wouldn't take it from Nixon, why are you willing to take it from a president who'd have to stand on his mother's shoulders just to kiss Nixon's butt?

What happened to America? What happened to the Republican Party? It used to stand for more than big business, but the preferential treatment we've given businesses since the Reagan years have finally made the multi-nationals so huge that they own everything...and if I hear one more time about the liberal media bias when most of the "mainstream media" is owned by multi-nationals or defense contractors, I'm going to bust a gasket.

When George Bush gets applauded for a largely incoherent press conference where he actually admits that he was advised that the newly named "terrorist surveillance program" was illegal but he decided he could disregard that law (not "circumvent", that's a bad word) because it was 28 years old and wouldn't let him do what he wanted to do...America, we got ourselves a problem. The Constitution is a lot older than 1978, does that mean it too is as irrelevant as the United Nations? When George W. says he's got the Constitution behind him, he means he's wiping his butt with it.

If we blamed the Germans for allowing the Nazi's to take power, we've got no one to blame but ourselves if we allow Alito and the Neo Cons to create a presidency with powers that the founding fathers specifically set out to protect us from.

And these bastards are going to finally give the so-called "America Haters" an America we won't be able to help but hate.

Today, there is still ample reason to love this country...after Tuesday? I'm not so sure.

Defend your country, defend your constitution, defend the America you love...because she has never been in greater danger.

Please contact key senators who can provide critical support to the filibuster effort! We need to act now if we are going to save the seperation of powers, along with the checks and balances which made the United States of America unique among nations. Be a modern patriot, and save your country.

Sign the Filibuster Petition:

If you can't even bother to sign an on-line petition to protect your rights and freedoms, you deserve what you get.

I mean that.


Blogger R said...

This from the same party who brought your Clarence Thomas. This was funny. Yet why am I crying?

9:13 AM  

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