Friday, February 03, 2006

Living In Newmerika

As of Tuesday, with the confirmation of Alito and the State of the Union Address, I have decided that we no longer live in America. A bloodless coup has been accomplished and we now live in the state of Newmerika.

I'm heartbroken, of course, because I actually loved being an American. I loved the freedoms, rights, moral authority and rich history of progression towards justice along with the devotion to peace that was part of the fabric of the nation where I used to live.

Where I live now is a strange place...I could try to describe the differences between Newmerika and America, but if you aren't aware of the differences already, I have to presume that you are incapable of discerning the difference or were a Newmerikan long before you and your kind seized control of my former homeland.

I'd like to believe that America will rise again, will throw off these occupiers and repudiate their doctrines which run so contrary to America's philosophy and creed...But the Newmerikans have been careful in their planning. They have waited patiently for 30 years and I must confess to little hope of success.

I am afraid that I believe that no revolution or insurgency will remove them from power, and even if it did, that would only be a temporary reclamation...At the first opportunity they would spring back to life in a form even more difficult to eradicate a second time.

If history teaches anything, it is that the only hope for the end of Newmerika is to let Newmerika consume and destroy itself by allowing its insane and immoral objectives to be realized. Resist, but know that resistance is ultimately futile.

Newmerika must be allowed, as difficult as it will be to live through that process, to self-destruct. The repudiation must be complete, the revelations of corruption unquestionable, and the wrongness of this state must be obvious to all...Including those who have helped perpetrate that wrong. Because Newmerikans will never yield to reason, it is not reasonable to attempt to reason with them. American virtues are pearls, and these should not be cast before swine. They must be worn, so that those who reconginze their worth will be drawn to them...but nothing is as dangerous as an overextended metaphor.

At this point you either get it or you don't...or rather, won't.

This is not what any of you want to hear, I know, but we lost and they won. We had our chance to change the course, to preserve America, and we failed. It is no use to assign blame. The only thing of value we can do now is to be accurate chroniclers, and ensure that all the wrong and mistakes are known, recorded, and preserved to educate future that after the inevitable fall, no one will ever again make the choices which have lead to the path our nation now travels.

But, I do not mean to be an assassin to hope. So long as America lives in your heart, it has not passed away utterly. No matter how long we Americans must live in Newmerika, we must continue to live as an American. Resistance may be futile, but assimilation is far from inevitable and certainly not advisable. Survival means nothing if you must sacrifice your most basic defining principals in order to continue that survival.

Live in Newmerika, Live as an American.

Be just, be fair, be honest, be kind, be moral, defend instead of attack, give rather than take, tolerate rather than punish. Lead by brave example rather than follow in craven fear of punishment.

Don't accept that what the Newmerikans tell you is true.

Research. Question. Verify. Record. Distribute. Repeat.

Hardest of all...Forgive.

But no forgiveness is possible without repentance, no repentance without confession, contrition, and a sincere desire to be forgiven.

We are right, and we are good...And we must have faith that rightness and goodness shall not perish utterly from this Earth.

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Blogger R said...

My least favorite thing is that it seems like the whole world is turned upside down. You have the Democrats refusing to take a stand on illegal immigration. Corporate America is flooding us with millions of undocumented workers to break the unions and drive down wages. Ask any former construction worker who used to make 15 to 20 bucks per hour. The middle class jobs are going overseas. When Republicans are sticking up for lower and middle America, I know I'm living in some sort of alternative hell.
Find me a democrat who supports secure borders and the end to outsourcing and I'll show you the next President of NewMerica.
Great post Arch. Always makes me think.

9:08 AM  

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