Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An American President shielded from the reality of the people he governs...

I don't know...maybe it is just me...but aren't you getting pretty sick and tired of OUR PRESIDENT only speaking in front of uniformed members of the armed forces or hand picked crowds of loyal supporters who are given scripts in support of him to be memorized and regurgitated as part of the "spontaneous conversation"?

I am actually serious here...of all the public speeches he has given since the start of the war in Iraq...or heck, even before that, let's go all the way back to right after he got "elected" the first time...how many times has he spoken in front of a crowd that actually reflected the American Public? Or done a press conference where he hadn't successfully cowed the press into softballing him by threatening to deny access? Remember Helen Thomas?

Wouldn't you rather have HER in the press room than a gay male prostitute with no journalism credentials tossing out spin points for the President's agenda?

I don't hate the Bush, in spite of the fact that Hannity will tell you over and over again that anyone who doesn't agree with Bush 100% must hate the president to the point of mental illness and obsession, or is just a terrorist in disguise. I really don't hate Bush, but I don't respect him at all.

I would, however, in spite of all disagreement, respect him far more if he gave a speech like the one he gave in Alaska to an audience that wasn't on a military base, who are duty bound to be respectful and applaud in part to keep their own moral up in an effort to convince themselves that their lives aren't being wasted by the man they call Commander-in-Chief.

Imagine a George Bush who said exactly the same thing to an audience for which there were no "free speech zones" for protesters and the crowd looked like this:

If, just once, Bush faced a crowd like that...one which actually reflected the reality of the nation he governs...I'd respect him. After all, aren't we the ones he has to convince? Or maybe he just doesn't give a damn...in which case, I'd like to hear him at least say that.

Now, you can say "who cares about polls?" but if you don't care what the American people think--and you find out by polling them--then what kind of democracy are our soldiers dying to protect? Do we really want to spread democracy around the world if this is what George W. Bush thinks democracy is? Corruption without accountability, devotion to secrecy, deliberate misrepresentation, and total indifference to the will of the people who elected him?

Never mind the issue of his efforts to create a legal context for the use of torture and the use of chemical weapons in an effort to rid the world of a madman who might use chemical weapons and tortured people. WTF?

The poll numbers matter because they reflect the intelligent and moral position of the American People...and they ought to make you wonder how, with poll numbers like this, he got elected a second time. Thank you Diebold, proving again American Democracy is the best that money can buy.

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Blogger R said...

Please! And I read on Drudge today that he is so pissed off at his staff for his negative ratings that he will only have daily contact now with His Mother, His wife, Karen Hughes and Condi Rice. THAT IS IT. The source says the tension at the white house has become oppressive! They also said, interestingly enough, that he will only speak to his father at family functions when forced. What IN THE HELL?!

9:27 PM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

It must be pretty bad when even an administration apologist is reporting negative stories. Where Drudge leads, Rush often follows.

Even VET will probably confirm that the AM Mouths (Boortz, Hannity, Beck, and Savage) are already questioning the President, though still bashing Dems as terrorists doing the enemy's work by trying to drive our own forces out of Iraq. I really do listen. The rage they inspire keeps me awake on my commute.

Bush and all his supporters were the ones who demanded exit strategies from Clinton--and forget giving us a "timetable" for withdrawl, how about giving us a plan beyond "Total Victory"...or, one presumes, "Total Defeat." We had an end to Major Combat Operation YEARS ago...what's the Plan Stan? Got Plan? Or are the bodies of our soldiers just coal you're throwing into your Steam Engine that's rolling over the America we used to recognize?

Tell me again why we liberated the Iraqi People from a man who used chemical weapons on them and tortured them...or was the crime that he did it to his OWN people and when we torture and use chemical weapons over there it's OK because we're not using them on OUR OWN people?

What happens when the number of dead Iraqi Civilians tops the number of Iraqi's killed by Saddam?

And Bushies still don't think it is relelvant to ask why the hell these people hate us?

How about pledging 10%---hell, how about 1% of the WAR BUDGET to go to Earthquake Relief in Pakistan so maybe some muslims might have a reason to love us instead of that other thing that makes them want to kill themselves in an effort to get us out of their country?

And for all these idiots screaming about Dems re-writing history when they talk about being lied to...never mind the rest of us who were always opposed to the war--they make it sound like EVERYONE was for it and are just now claiming not to have been--these people opposed to revisionism ought to take the time to look at the clips Rush and his pals are playing in their actual context.

Got to http://www.newshounds.us and look up the Nov. 16 story Condi Rice Takes Precedence Over God? and check out the time line.

Where did my country go?

Who are these people and how did they get put in charge?

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does Bush use Charmin to wipe his ass? We'd better find out quick so we can comment on that too.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, not Charmin...the Constitution.

3:29 PM  
Blogger R said...


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Blogger Archie Levine said...

If you're wondering how a man with numbers like that can win the highest office in the land...you need to check the GAO.

Google this:
"GAO Report Upholds Ohio Vote Fraud Claims"

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor
From the Nov. 2-8, 2005, issue of the Rock River Times

1:34 PM  

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