Tuesday, November 01, 2005

One Week To KAINE VICTORY--if you want it.

Reposted from the AFL-CIO mailing...because I'm swamped at work and can't get a real blog post up today.

One week from today, Virginians will choose a new governor. After carefully reviewing the candidates’ records, your union and the Virginia AFL-CIO believe Tim Kaine is the best choice for working families. Take a look at his record:

As lieutenant governor, Tim Kaine helped create more than 250,000 new jobs in Virginia since 2001. As mayor of Richmond, his economic policies created more than 76,000 new jobs. (Virginia Employment Commission data)

Tim Kaine will protect the transportation fund, making sure the money designated for transportation can’t be raided for unrelated projects. (The Washington Post, 9/18/04; [Newport News] Daily Press, 3/17/05)

Tim Kaine will reduce homeowners’ taxes by exempting up to 20 percent of a home’s assessment from the homeowner tax. He also will veto any unfunded mandates on local governments and ensure more public participation in the tax rate-setting process. (Campaign literature, 5/17/05)

Tim Kaine will keep Virginia’s commitment to our children and fully fund Virginia’s public schools. He will help attract and keep the best teachers in Virginia and will make high-quality preschool available to all Virginia 4-year-olds. (Campaign literature, 5/31/05)

How you vote is a personal decision. Whatever you decide, please vote Nov. 8.

For more information, contact your union or the Virginia AFL-CIO at 804-755-8001.


Blogger R said...

I just saw your note to the right there in your links. T, put me at the bottom. Seriously. I am not nearly so readable (especially these days) as those others. I was just kidding before. I'm honored just to be on it. You rock for putting me on your list at all! Good luck with yalls election. I'm holding my breath over the C & D issue here. Only ten more minutes until the polls close. We shall see!

5:53 PM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

No way. You were the first blogger to link to me, and the first link I put up, so you're staying right where you is.

5:55 AM  

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