Friday, October 28, 2005

Death Brand--Book Plug

My other (non-identical) cousin, Scott C. Ristau, has just had his first novel published. Buy a copy, would you? I know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover....but dang, nice cover, huh?

Death Brand
A Novel
by Scott C. Ristau

An evil seed has been sown in the kingdom of Gairloch. Torrin Murgleys, a young wizard and grandson to Gairloch's Queen Bryana, is witness to a heinous crime perpetrated by his father. He reports the crime but is not believed. Compelled by a need for justice, Torrin takes the law into his own hands. For his vigilante justice, Torrin is exiled from Gairloch and expelled from the wizard Prelature. Adding to Torrin’s punishment, the boy’s mother and brother are banished with him. However, the queen's edict cannot permanently suppress the malice she sees harbored within her grandson. And grievous events ultimately conspire to force Torrin’s return. Chronicling Torrin's exile and his psychological transformation into a malicious tyrant, Death Brand is a look inside the heart and mind of evil. It is a tale of corrupted justice, hateful revenge, and redemptive love set in a world of fantasy.

Recently released, the novel Death Brand (ISBN 1-4137-7300-1) by Scott C. Ristau is now available for purchase directly from the publisher at or by calling 1-240-529-1031. It can also be obtained from,,,, and elsewhere.

Click on the image to be taken to Amazon to buy your own copy today!


Blogger R said...

Bravo Scott! Well done on getting that first novel out there. I hope you sell millions. I'll go get my copy now!

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