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Leave the Dead to Bury the Dead...

That's what Jesus told Matthew. So, I guess that is what he'd do. I can't begin to tell you how angry I am about this whole Terri Schiavo situation. And don't think for a minute that just because she has finally been allowed to go home to God that you're going to stop hearing about her any time soon.

I checked the Rapture Index today and saw it had gone up a point. I presume because of the big earthquake this week. Earthquakes are a big biblical indicator of the end times, because that's one of the ways God shows his displeasure. Why he is so angry at South East Asia and not Florida, I have no idea, but the fanatical nut jobs down there are certain the earthquake was God being mad about the feeding tube removal.

Couldn't he be just as angry about the efforts to put it back in? In fact, isn't that more likely? I mean, if she were allowed to die, in the natural way God intended without man's intervention through artificial means, wouldn't she be rewarded and made whole in the kingdom of Heaven? That's what my Christianity told me. That's what they say at every funeral I've been to. I mean, when you listen to the Schindler's statement after her death, you can't help but add in the unspoken subtext:

"As you are aware, Terri is now with God and she has been released from all earthly burdens."(Despite our best efforts.)

"After these recent years of neglect at the hands of those who were supposed to protect and care for her, she is finally at peace with God for eternity."(Despite our best efforts.)

That last thing isn't even true. What kind of neglect of a person bed ridden for 15 years doesn't even result in a single bed sore?

I was watching CNN, you know, that most liberal of the liberal controlled media (also an End Times indicator), and when Terri's brother and sister came out of the hospice to make the announcement....I swear to the God they don't think Liberals believe in that I saw a person dressed in a clown costume come up and try to console them, and they made a bee line away from him. Probably not the metaphor ridden image they wanted in the papers the next day. This clown was, I think, part of a contingent of kooky Christians like Jugglers for Jesus who have been camped out down there calling Jeb Bush a Nazi for obeying the rule of law and not taking taking custody of Terri.

Too bad these guys don't read the Constitution as often as Revelations.

If Jeb Bush is a Nazi for not intervening then isn't God a Nazi for the same reason? Or when they say that the runaway activist judges are demonstrating that they are more powerful than Congress and the President, are they also saying the Judges are more powerful than God?

It is insanity.

Yesterday I was listening to Neal Boortz, and ABC news broke in to do live coverage of the President speaking about the very embarrassing report on failed intelligence regarding WMD's and the justification for our war in Iraq. I was so impressed that the media--with their overwhelming bias toward corporate interests--was going to cover this live.

Before George could get to the section on the report, he made his statement about Terri Schiavo and how in all cases where there is the slightest doubt, we must err on the side of preserving life.

"AHA!" I thought, "What irony! There was plenty of doubt before we bombed the shit out of all those people and deprived over a hundred thousand people of life!"

But, alas, the sly fox qualified it by saying "American Life" and then ABC broke in to discuss the statement about the Schiavo case and so far nobody is covering the WMD report. They didn't cover the rest of the speech at all!

All anyone in the media wants to talk about is the fight over Terri's body and the failing body of the Pope...then if there is time in the segment, we'll talk about Jerry Falwell's congestive heart failure.

I'm so furious about all this my heart might fail.

I can't believe Tom DeLay and his supporters are demanding an investigation of the Florida Courts and nobody gives a shit about one of the most alarming reports regarding the War on Terror and our invasion of another country to ever be released.

If the liberals are the ones politicizing this case, how's come Sean Hannity and Rick Santorum were doing Hannity and Colmes live from the hospice?

I can't believe people are calling Michael Schiavo a ghoul when Terri's parents have been selling their donor list to radical conservative anti-gay and pro-life interests.

Why were the people screaming about sanctity of marriage raising 6 million dollars to bribe Michael to divorce his wife?

Why are the people screaming about sanctity of marriage claiming Terri's parents have a better claim to her guardianship than her husband?

Why are some of the people screaming about sanctity of life offering a bounty on the head of Michael Schiavo, his lawyer, and Judge Greer?

Why were the people screaming about faith in Jesus fighting with everything they have to keep Terri from going to be with him?

Why are the people who fought to limit medical malpractice awards to $250,000 and working to dismantle Medicare not addressing the cost of keeping people like Terri alive?

Why are the people who claim to love the Constitution of this country so much fighting so hard to rewrite it or circumvent it?

And for crying out loud, if the media is so liberal, why is all the coverage slanted toward the Schindler's tragic efforts to save their daughter's life?

Why is advocating for the rule of law rather than praising the endorsement by Congress and the President of MOB RULE advancing a pro-death agenda?

I'm so damned mad....and hey....why the hell are you reading this rant about Terri Schiavo instead of reading Intelligence about Iraq 'dead wrong,' panel says
Harm caused by failure 'will take years to undo'



Blogger Archie Levine said...

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Blogger R said...

Because, Archie, despite the fact that people are attending college in record numbers...THE MASSES ARE STILL ASSES. They never let a little thing like false intelligence, national security, or all out government corruption get in the way of watching a good death watch (take away the jugglers and clown and Faulkner already wrote that story) or car chase...or baseball game. It is indeed sick making. I think that you will find the apathy meter going up at the same rate as obesity. We are all being drugged by Big Macs, so we don't have the energy to care.

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Blogger Archie Levine said...

18 Things

I didn't write this..I found it on one of my favorite blogs:

18 Things We Learned From The Schiavo Case

1. Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, and Tom Delay are all world renowned neurologists.

2. 22 successive court battles that all ended in exactly the same way means there is something wrong with the courts, not the Schindler's case.

3. Mike is after money which is why he turned down 1 million dollars and 10 million dollars to sign over guardianship.

4. Congress and the State Legislature of Florida has nothing better to do than pry into the private medical affairs of others.

5. Pulling life support is bad in Florida when authorized by the legal next-of-kin, but pulling life support is good in Texas when you run out of money and the mother pleads not to pull the plug on her baby.

6. Medical diagnoses are best performed by watching highly editted videotape made by Randall Terry rather than in person by trained physicians.

7. Minimum wage making nursing assistants are more qualified to diagnose a persistant vegetative state than experienced neurologists.

8. Cerebral spinal fluid is a magical potion that can mimic the entire functions of a missing cerebral cortex.

9. 15 years in the same persistant state is not really enough time to make an accurate diagnosis.

10. A feeding tube that infuses yellow nutritional goop is not really "life support".

11. Jesus was wrong when he said that a man and woman should leave their parents and cleave only to each other.

12. Marriage is the most sacred of all unions, except when it isn't.

13. Interfering in a family's private tragedy is a great reason to cut short a vacation, but getting a memo that warns a known terrorist is determine to strike inside the US is cause to relax and finish up some R&R.

14. Pro-lifers are really compassionate people which is why they are hoping that Michael Schiavo dies a horrible painful death.

15. The Supreme Court of the United States and the State Supreme Court of Florida mean "Maybe" when they are saying "No!".

16. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is a bleeding heart liberal.

17. 7 Supreme Court Justices were appointed by republican presidents, so it's Clinton's fault.

18. A judge who makes rulings based on the law is obviously an atheist, liberal, democratic activist even though he is a conservative, republican, Southern Baptist.

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