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Where Is Ken Starr When You Need Him?

Now, picture them naked.


I remember very well her verbal slip back in 2004 when she referred to the President as "my husb--" but caught herself almost in time. She's never been married, so a slip like that isn't easy to explain away.

I also remember how in Woodward's book there were those Crawford get togethers where Condi would sing spirituals for him. I wondered then if she tucked him in and read to him at night. More ick.

Nothing is confirmed, of course, but with this administration the old line of "Don't believe anything until it is officially denied" rings truer than ever.

And the more "vehemently" they deny it, the more true it likely is.

I know there are more serious things to worry about than Presidential Haditha and that this is the first administration I know of which fairly routinely requires ethics training for its employees and now the combat troops...and not as part of the plan to fulfil W's campaign promise to bring honor back to the White House in the very first minute of the first hour of the first day of a Bush Administration. Or Robert Kennedy's new report on the voter fraud in Ohio. Or what passes for diplomacy with Iran.

Rumor inside the beltway now has it that Laura Bush has moved out of the White House and into the Mayflower Hotel because she's had enough of the ongoing affair between her husband and the Secretary of State. (From Wayne Madsen's website)

So...inquiring minds want to know. (Actually it was the tabloid The Globe which ran the cover story about the Bush Breakup, not the National Enquirer, in the interest of credit where it is or isn't due.)

America has spoken--the only scandal that can capture and hold our attention is a sex scandal.

So, do we have one? Or will we have to be content with the now run of the mill torture, war crimes, vote fraud, and congressional corruption scandals you've been giving us?

See also:
Condoleezza Rice, a Sally Hemmings for the 21st Century, by Liza Sabater, April 21, 2004


Blogger Fabio Sacco said...

USA people: strange people!
You bring war anywhere, you destroy foreign economy with your ultra national industries (correct in english? we say "multinazionali") and ... you're scared by sex and love!
Strange people!

Sorry for my English!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous beth said...

I want to know why this isn't all over the news. If this were a Democrat President they'd have him impeached before you could sneeze "stained dress."

4:31 PM  
Blogger the void said...

Some US blogs and websites are reporting that Bush and Condoleezza Rice are having an affair.

It seems that Laura Bush may even have moved into a hotel after a row over Bush and Condi's indiscreet liaisons. This is old news at the void where we've been aware of a bit of action going on between the President and condi for some time now!!

The story broke on which claims 'informed sources' have reported the affair to them, adding that two mainstream media outlets have stated that their sources also confirm the affair.

So still at the stage of wild speculation, which is the way we like it ... however we gave away a hint of this way back in February, when things between Bush and Condi were first starting to hot up

Exclusive The Void Reveals Al Jazeera Memo

A top secret memo leaked to us by high ranking government traitors this transcript of a conversation between Bush and Blair details how Busha dn Condi were becoming closer

"GB: Well, it's just the guys here, they seem to think I'm some kind of pussy, I'm isolated Cowboy, Daddy's always mad at me, Jeb just laughs whenever I walk in the room, Rummy won't speak to me, hell even Dick won't return my calls. The only one who seems to have any time for me is Condaleeza these days, and she's well, you know..
TB: What? I thought she always seemed very nice
GB: Sure, whatever Tony, look I gotta do something here Cowboy, I gotta take control
TB: You could try having an affair
GB: What the hell
TB: Worked for Clinton
GB: Jeez, well I'd never even thought of that, hell that could even be fun
TB: Jesus George, I just assumed you were at it all the time, like all the rest of us
GB: I'm a goddamn praticing Christian Tony and I love my wife, hell we even have seperate beds at the Whitehouse
TB: Christ, sorry Big Guy, I never imagined
GB: But a man does have needs Tony, a man does have needs
GB: You really think I could pull it off
TB: Sure Big Guy, and I'm sure it would rescue your reputation with the guys
GB: You know Cowboy, I think you might just be right"

So it seems Bush might just be following Blair's advice!

Then in a conversation between the President and the void back in March we saw an insight into the state of Bush's mind as we revealed he had well and truly fallen off the wagon

President on the piss, Bush Speaks to the void!

"GW: ah get ma news from the Lord, the good news boy, have ah told ya ‘bout ma faith
the void: er no Mr President, but I’d rather discuss your drinking habits, have others, colleagues, family for example, have they commented on your drinking
GW: well, I’ll tell you something, to be honest, the wife don’t like it, but hell the girls, we’re up drinking beer and chasers all night, they sure are their daddy’s girls, have I told ya ‘bout ma girls limey, hell we’re up drinking beer and chasers most every night
the void: ok thank you Mr President, so do you intend to seek any help?
GW: help, why I got all the help ah need right here, the guys upstairs, they get me up, just shay the words to the camera big guy they shay, jusht shay the words and then you can have that drink"

However it was not until early May that things began to hot up with another leaked phonecall between Bush and Blair revealing

"Blair: well of course, and I had been thinking about the best thing to do with Jack
Bush: You want us to handle it Cowboy, you know call in the guys like we did before for ya?
Blair: God know, I man you mustn’t he’s an old friend, he’s got children for christ’s sake, it's out of the question
Bush: so what kid, I mean that scientist guy we did, I mean he had family didn’t he
Blair: well yes of course, but I mean well, I’ve never met them, it’s completely different, completely, it’s a non starter Big Guy
Bush: now you listen to me, I want that son of a bitch fried, him cuddling up to Condi an’ all
Blair: I thought you didn’t like Condi
Bush: Well kid, times they change and me and Condi, well let’s just say we kinda got a bit closer recently, I mean me an’ Laura ain’t touched each other for years, she says ah’m a ‘homicidal psychopath’ or something, I mean what the hell’s that supposed to mean
Blair: Well, I’m sure she’s just under pressure Big Guy, I mean we all are, but hey, you and Condi wow Big Guy I knew you had it in you, still some lead in the old pencil eh…
Bush: What? … never mind, I guess ah still got it, I mean I know she’s … well she’s you know what, but hell she’s got a great ass, and I ain’t having that grey haired old slimeball wrecking mah chances so deal with it cowboy … or we will"

How Bush Sacked Straw, another void exclusive

Did we scoop the story of the century? ... time will tell and as for how we knew ... well that's the inexplicable nature of the void kids.

5:10 AM  

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