Friday, May 19, 2006

I am laughing like a Frenchman!

Sorry for the lack of posting of late, it has been both a busy time, and a depressing one. I weep for the American nation.

But this morning, as CNN reported about the Senate proposal to make English the official language of America...well, I had to chuckle.

How many of these xenophobic, racist, bigoted butt wipes who want to make English the criteria by which the arms of America open to citizens and non-citizens alike could actually pass a proficiency test themselves? I teach for a living. I know their children have some real problems speaking and writing the only language they claim to know--or think they need to know.

And, of course, the real humor comes from the intense anti-French sentiment most of these people have....and yet it doesn't stop them from trying to create the same kind of English as Official Language they so often criticize the French for doing in their nation.

Here's a question for you "Freedom Lovers" who think I'm an "America Hater"--Doesn't freedom of speech include the language you use to speak?

Here's another question, is anyone interested in national security and border closing sitting in lawn chairs with a beer and a now-legal to own AK-47 along the Canadian border? Or is it just a national security concern if people are coming in from Mexico?

If memory serves, the lion's share of terrorists have come from that direction. And most of them flew. We'd need a pretty high fence if you want to stop the terrorists from getting into the country.

These people are idiots. But they are in charge. Because you let them. I don't care about Diebold. I know they stole the election, but that was only possible because people didn't turn out in overwhelming numbers and nobody lodged a legitimate protest about the election results and the conduct of elections in this country.

So, the buck stops with you.


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Le ha, le ha.

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