Monday, April 10, 2006

Bomb Iran, bomb bomb Iran...

Well, they've said it. Regime change in Iran is the option they are looking for. Today they are denying it, so you know it's got to be true.

Why don't people in this country get nervous when Bush says, as he did recently, that "future presidents" will have to deal with Iraq and the pull out of troops? FUTURE, as in NOT HIM, and PRESIDENTS, plural. Iraq is going to be, by the president's own admission, a war which will go on for four, if not eight, if not 12, if not 16, if not 20 or more years into the FUTURE.

Is this what he told us and what Congress approved?


Given the monumental degree of misrepresentation and the complete failure of the Iraq War, how can they even think about a similar invasion of Iran?

Would they even be able to consider putting the master plan of the Project for a New American Century into action if they didn't know for certain they were going to hold all three branches of government in this nation for that entire century?

In a democracy, how can you be sure of that?

You can't.

One thing Bush has proven about the PNAC and the Neo-Cons...they barely even need a human being to be a candidate.

Nothing they are doing or have done indicates that their actions are tempered by any thought of gaining the approval of the electorate. In the last "election" even Republicans like Bob Barr were telling other Republicans not to vote for Bush. They weren't saying vote for how did he win by 11 and a half million more votes than he did in 2000? Where did those votes come from?

Why is it that the same machines we are saying aren't reliable enough to justify a Chavez victory are more than reliable enough to validate a Bush win?

Before we do anything else. Before we talk about impeachment or immigration, or education, or taxation, or going to war. Before anything else, we need to demand election reform. Not just campaign finance reform, but real election reform.

We need elections with paper ballots and verifible results. We need standardized voting machines made by people who are banned by law from making contributions or statements of support for any candidate.

And we need to stop believing that an administration so clearly opposed to the fundamental principles of democracy is honestly trying to spread democracy around the world at gunpoint.

Nothing we do as a nation matters at all unless we continue to uphold and defend the basic democratic principles which made this nation great and a beacon the world over against tyrany and despotism.

We are a nation of laws, not of men. We are a nation that strives toward ideals, not a nation which sacrifices those ideals in the name of greater power and security.

Give me Liberty or Give me DEATH.

One man, one vote.

Of the People, By the People, and for THE PEOPLE.








Where did these words go? When did they stop meaning what our founding fathers thought they meant?

They created this system of government, our great CONSTITUTION, as a bulwark against abuses of power.

They knew that power and liberty are naturally incompatible and so they created a system of checks and balances so that as the nation gained power, that power would never so erode liberty and freedom that all their work and pursuit of the ideal would be undone.

The federalists are not patriots.

The dominionists are not following the example of Christ.

Diebold is not furthering democracy.

Do something about it, America. For the love of God and Country, please do something about it. NOW.


Blogger frstlymil said...

Beautifully said. I grow more and more wary every day as to the ever growing change in the culture of our society and the bizzarre way that people seem, especially young people, so apathetic and unlikely to complain loudly that the laws, ideals and principles of this country are erroding to be replaced by corporate imperialism, and despotism. As a woman, I'm doubly worried, since there are those in power making noise about that wish to return to the "good ole days" - I suppose that means when women were chattle that weren't allowed to vote and black people were 3/5's of a person.

I believe that while we force democracy at gun point upon other countries, we are headed for a civil war of our own, only it will be the haves vs. the have nots and it won't be pretty.

I'll check out more in depth your suggestions of Feingold and Warner - and while I like their lone-wolf efforts - I'm still wary.

8:07 AM  
Blogger ujhull said...

Another good article about the situation with Iran.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Archie Levine said...

Thanks, Mil and UJH.

I'm posting the New Yorker article over at my religious blog "Stop Hurting Jesus" where regime change is the subject of the day as well.

11:28 AM  

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