Monday, December 17, 2007

How come they won't let you declare bankruptcy when they are trying to bankrupt the country?

Take 8 minutes and watch this report. Better yet, take 8 minutes to watch it and then another 60 seconds to forward it to everyone you know.

Virginians--Call James Webb today!

There's a fight brewing on the Senate floor today. President Bush wants Congress to give immunity to the phone companies that helped the administration spy on innocent Americans.

This fight strikes at the heart of accountability in our democracy. No president should be able to work with corporations to break the law and then use Congress to cover up the crimes. Holding the phone companies accountable may be the only way that the American people find out the extent of the Bush administration's illegal actions.1

Progressive Senators Chris Dodd and Russ Feingold are pledging to block any legislation that includes "telecom immunity." 2 And presidential candidates Joe Biden and Barack Obama have said they'll support a filibuster.3

It is critical that other senators support Senators Dodd and Feingold . Can you call Sen. Webb today and tell him to join progressives in the Senate in blocking any bill that includes immunity for lawbreaking phone companies? Tell him voters want accountability and oversight—not immunity.

Here's where to call:

Senator James Webb
Phone: 202-224-4024

Then, please report your call by clicking here:

An investigation into the illegal wiretapping could expose how far Bush and the telecoms went in breaking the law. President Bush keeps insisting that his illegal spying program was narrow and only targeted at suspected terrorists. But AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein—who has firsthand knowledge of the program—says the program was a massive invasion of Americans' privacy and AT&T is covering up the truth:

"They want to portray it like the president does, that it's a handful of international phone calls. That's the sound-bite, and that's not true. It affects millions of people domestically." 4

That's why the Bush Administration and the telecom companies are desperately seeking immunity to conceal their crimes. AT&T has even hired a consulting company headed by John Ashcroft, Bush's former Attorney General, to lobby for immunity.5

We need the Senate to stand up to their pressure and hold them accountable, not aid their cover-up.

Can you call Sen. Webb today and tell him to join progressives in the Senate in blocking any bill that includes immunity for lawbreaking phone companies?

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Tanya, Laura, Jennifer and the Political Action Team
Monday, December 17th, 2007


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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Help Wexler Hold Them Accountable!

Click, sign up, and get everyone else you know who wants to hold this administration accountable to do the same.

Stop the American Disenlightenment.
Stop the American Theocracy Movement.
Stop the descent into madness this administration represents.

Its your government...start making them act like it.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Reckless Decisions...Look Who's Talking...

Bush, in his speech about the mortgage crisis...a crisis created by encouraging predatory lending and re-writing the bankruptcy laws in favor of credit card companies, by the way...made the following statement:

"We should not bail out lenders, real estate speculators or those who made the reckless decision to buy a home they knew they could never afford."

Why are only the home buyers who were victims of the lenders and real estate speculators given an adjective like "reckless"?

I'd say fine to not bailing out "predatory" lenders or reckless real estate speculators who have watched too many episodes of "Flip That House".

But if we're going to go after reckless people who bought more than they knew they could afford...I'd really like to go after the people who planned this war.

Sorry, these wars.

I have an idea for a whole new reality show..."Flip This War."

Oh, it's already on TV 24 hours a day...on CNN.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The White Plane