Tuesday, November 09, 2004

My apologies....

No, I'm not apologizing for being a liberal....I'll never apologize for thinking that peace and social justice are moral values. I'm apologizing for not updating my blog more often this month.

It is not post-election trauma, though I have plenty of that. It is just that I've got a whopping overload of courses I'm teaching this semester and I'm also right in the middle of directing...wait for it...a production of Everyman that opens next week.

I hadn't realized when I chose the play last summer that it would land smack in the middle of the Jesusland Revolution, but hey, I guess I'm a prophet.

As I focus on my job and trying to get Everyman into Heaven I'm just not going to be able to blog as much until after Thanksgiving. Hope you'll forgive me.

In the meantime, click on the other blog links I've got on the side and tell them that Archie sent you. They is good folks. Even Blonde Sagacity is worth a visit. She's totally wrong about everything, but then, we're good naturedly reciprical in our opinion of each other.

If you are in need of a couple of fun time sucks while you wait for me to resume daily updating, try the Vampire link and the Hollywood Stock Exchange links. I find them both to be a lot of fun.

All the best, and never surrender,


Friday, November 05, 2004

It's an ill omen...

Well, most of you have probably heard about this today, it made all the news, but I haven't been able to access my blog today until just now.

I just can't see it as a good sign that the first friendly fire accident after the election is an F16 fighter plane straffing a school in New Jersey.

I think we are in for a long, strange four years.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Now they tell us.....

Report: U.S. troops watched weapons-site looting, CNN, Thursday, November 4, 2004

"Explosives were looted from the Al-Qaqaa ammunitions site in Iraq while outnumbered U.S. soldiers assigned to guard the materials watched helplessly, soldiers told the Los Angeles Times."

"Soldiers who belong to two different units described how Iraqis snatched explosives from unsecured bunkers and drove off with them in pickup trucks."

"The soldiers who spoke to the Times asked to remain unidentified, saying they feared retaliation from the Pentagon."

Read the whole article by clicking the link above.

Just this morning I heard Neal Boortz saying a negative ad was only truly negative if the charges in it were lies, and he cited the missing 380 tons of explosives as a prime example of a Kerry lie. So....are these troops Kerry spoilers trying to ruin the President's mandate with more lies? Or should I really stop worrying about the massive amounts of missing munitions in Iraq and stay focused on how much safer I am from the homosexual agenda?

The conduct of the war in Iraq was a legitimate campaign issue, but to criticize the President was called unpatriotic and giving comfort to the enemy. Rudy G. (no relation to Kenny) said Kerry was attacking the troops, who needed our support now more than ever.

Ok...let me give you an example you might understand.

Say I'm the guy in charge of a moving crew. I have a piano I'm supposed to get from a truck on the street to the 8th floor of a building without an elevator. I ask some people who have moved pianos before how many guys I need to move the piano. They tell me I'm going to need between 4 and 10, depending on the quality of equipment I get to do it. The more expensive the equipment, the fewer guys I'll need.

I go with the cheapest equipment I can find, and even then only buy half of what I need to do the job. Then I hire two guys, ignoring the advice I solicited.

The piano ends up firewood on the sidewalk, and the broken parts are looted. Both my guys are killed by the piano landing on them. Piano moving isn't tidy. A guy who owns a rival piano moving company starts to critcize my plan and I'm able avoid responsiblity by saying he's actually criticizing the inherent worth of the two recently killed guys I hired to move the piano?

Could I really get away with that in a sane world?

I am responsible because I didn't hire enough guys and I didn't provide them with the needed equipment, and I didn't have a good enough plan to move the piano. I killed them with my incompetence.

With the understanding that nothing is as dangerous as an over extended metaphor, I submit to you that it is NOT blaming the troops to say the administration made some big mistakes in the planning, execution, and justification of the invasion of Iraq.

It is not leadership to refuse to admit having made mistakes, and even less to avoid responsibility for them when they become undeniable.

Worse Than Watergate....

Nearly everything else about his presidency seems to be modeled on Nixon's, so there's a chance that it will end the same way.....but we'd need it to be so much worse than Watergate that both he and Cheney are removed from office.

The only silver lining I see is that now Kerry won't be left holding the bag when the policies of the first term come to fruitiion.

Maybe some whistleblowers will come forward now and reveal what all the secrecy has been hiding. Maybe now that the so called "Religious Right" have struck a blow for American Theocracy they will realize that some other pretty important issues are on the table too....maybe even more important than keeping civil rights out of the hands of people like the daughters of Alan Keyes and Dick Cheney.

I can't believe that putting the gay marriage stuff out there and claiming that a vote for Kerry was a vote for the terrorists...I actually heard that on Neal Boortz...was enough to mobilize a base of people who didn't care about all the other truly important issues of the day. I also can't believe they were able to demonize people who read newspapers.

Yesterday I felt like the kid doubled up on the playground getting kicked in the gut by the bullies, and whose only defense was "But....I'm smarter than you are..."

(kick kick kick)

Like John Stewart said last night--nothing trumps two dudes kissing. There's a reason why the first taunt the bullies fling is "FAG!"

Well, I've been shouting about the rise of American Theocracy for a long time. We're a giant step closer.

The last thing I hope the Deomocratic party does is what all the pundits are saying they should, which is basically become the moderate wing of the Republican Party. I'll kill myself if the Dems decide they need to run a Zell Miller/Joe Lieberman ticket like the Republicans say we should.

51-48 is not a sufficient margin to give up on the core values of the party.

All of you people who are thinking of fleeing the country, don't. Stay here, breed like rabbits, and raise your children into voters who believe in tolerance and hope instead of intolerance and fear, because that's who won this election, the intolerant and the fearful.....and that isn't America to me.

Seriously, though, here is my advice to the Democrats.

All politics is local.

Republicans won because they give good local. They've been building their infrastructure for years and they've been building it in the conservative churches.

Dems built their base as the the party of LABOR. That was our structure. The Labor boys and girls worked on a local level and they knew who lived where and who the movers and shakers were in every neighborhood. And they mobilized accordingly.

Ever since Reagan kicked PATCO in the nuts, Labor's been in a steep nose-dive and so have the fortunes of the Democratic party.

Democrats today need to do two things in combination. Build a structure and weaken the structure of the opposition.

We can retain and revitalize our original base through a resurgence of the Labor movement but that won't do the whole job.

Look, the thing is, like it or not, we are seeing a rise of American Theocracy. I think that is in part due to a reaction against the threat of Islamic Extremism. Don't be any more willing to hand Jesus over to the Republicans than you are the rest of the country. There are a LOT of churches out there who still believe in forgiveness as a core doctrine. Who believe in love and tolerance and acceptance. We need to appeal to those churches (who need our help too) in the way conservatives have appealed to the Evangelicals. That will help build our structure, there isn't anything wrong with using their model...it works. Am I going to keep trying to build a square wheel just because I'm envious of Roundie's success? No.

The other thing that will help is to discredit claims that Democrats are anti-faith. That is hugely important, but it won't happen if we aren't sincere about it. I'm a Christian. I don't see a lot of Christianity in the Evangelicals.

That's how we weaken their structure. Just like Jesus was most angry at hypocrits, so then must we be. Take every opportunity to point out how most "Evangelicals" use the Old Testiment to support their positions, instead of the New Covenant. Point out that being Pro-Death penalty is inconsistent with a Pro-Life agenda. Point out that Christ stopped a legal execution, and simply surrendering to his own execution does not constitute approval of the death penalty. Point out that Jesus said to render unto Ceasar that which was Ceasar's, not find any way you can to avoid paying your taxes or get them reduced. Point out that Jesus sought to win converts by living a perfect example, not legislating morality.

Don't let them keep telling America what Democrats are. Show them what we are by being the best Democrats we can be. And like Christ, lead them to us by the beacon of our example, not the bitterness (and rightness) of our argument against them.

Michael Moore is a great film maker, but he's a lousy mascot for our party.

We don't need a charismatic leader, and we don't need to become the moderate wing of the Republican Party in order to win elections....we just need a structure that works.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Longest Yard

To paraphrase a line from one of my favorite movies..."You ain't gonna give it to me, are you Lord? I'm a sinner and you're gonna shaft me."

Well, it could have been my own impure thoughts that brought this country to this place. But I doubt it.

I've never really been this afraid before. Seriously. I had truly hoped that the American people would repudiate this president's policies and positions and give us a chance to reclaim a position of respect. A chance to lead by example again, rather than by fear and intimidation.

I know it isn't over yet, and it is wrong to wring hands and weep before the last vote is counted but the candidate who most needed a mandate will not get it and the candidate who is most likely now to win will proceed as though he has a mandate.

Like last time. For George Bush it is not the people who have spoken, but God.

And he may be right. Sometimes God sets a leader on a throne in order to punish the people.

The bottom line is, in a democracy we get the government we deserve.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Presidential Horror Show (swf)

I can't blog today, I'm too busy car jacking people and driving them to the polls.

Watch THIS instead, you'll be glad you did.


It's the right thing to do.

Even more so if you vote for Kerry.